Tips for Moving in the Winter

October 28th, 2019

Nobody likes to move, but it’s even worse if you have to move in the winter. Colder temperatures and harsh weather make a winter move especially daunting, but there are a few ways to make it easier! These winter moving tips may not be able to make it feel like summer again, but they’ll surely make for a better moving experience! 

Hire a Professional 

Attempting a winter move by yourself is not a good idea. You’ll be able to save time and be safer if you hire professional movers. Call different moving companies to find the best value. Remember, the best value doesn’t mean the lowest price! Look for a reasonable price paired with great experience, insurance, and positive references. 

Schedule the Move Early 

Daylight is shorter during the winter so try to schedule your move early in the day. This way, movers won’t be working in the dark or at the coldest part of the day. Account for drive time between your old place and your new place before choosing a moving time. 

Clear the Way for Movers 

Get up before movers are due to arrive and clear the driveway, walkways, and sidewalk from any snow or ice. It’s a good idea to throw down some winter salt too to help prevent slipping. When you arrive at the new location, clear the way there as well. If a mover slips in the snow not only will your personal items get damaged, but they could get hurt too! 

Turn Utilities on Before the Move 

Turn the utilities on in your new home a day or two before you actual moving day. That way, you can have the heat turned up and ensure the movers will have a place to warm up in between loads. It’s always appreciated if you’re able to provide a warm beverage like coffee or hot chocolate too! Keep the utilities on at your current house until the move is over so they’ll be able to stay warm during the initial loading process too. 

When you’re moving in the winter remember that the movers hate it just as much as you do, so getting it over with quickly and safely should be the common goal. Don’t forget to ask about winter moving discounts since it’s a slow time of year for moving companies! Try to watch the weather forecast and if moving day is expected to get a lot of bad winter weather, it may be best to reschedule for a different day.

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Surviving a Winter Move

October 21st, 2019

Moving in the winter is less than ideal, but sometimes it has to be done. There are some extra precautions you’ll need to take to keep your winter move as safe and efficient as possible. If waiting for spring is out of the question, follow these tips to help survive your winter move. 

Leave it to Professionals

Moving in the winter calls for the help of professionals. It may come at an added cost, but it will help keep you and your belongings safe. Call around to multiple movers before hiring anyone. Try to find a moving company with reasonable rates, insurance, and positive customer references. Some movers even offer winter moving discounts since it’s a slow season for them! 

Check the Weather

This probably seems obvious, but make sure to check the weather as moving day approaches. If the weather forecast is calling for a lot of snow or especially bitter cold temperatures, ask the movers if they’re able to reschedule for the following week or even just a different day in the same week. 

Clear the Driveway

You should shovel all driveways, entryways, and sidewalks before movers arrive. Put down a coating of winter salt to prevent ice from accumulating during the move. Keep the driveway clear throughout the move, even if that means taking a break from loading and unloading to shovel for a few minutes. 

Keep Everyone Warm 

Staying warm during a winter move is vital. Keep everyone helping with the move warm by making sure utilities are turned on at the new location a couple of days before moving day and the utilities are still on at the old place. Turn the heat up high at both locations and encourage movers to take a break inside for a few minutes to warm up if they need too. Offering hot coffee or hot chocolate is an extra step that isn’t required, but definitely appreciated! 

Protect the Floors 

Protect your floors from moisture and winter salt by laying down tarps or plastic sheeting. This should be done at the old home and the new home before movers arrive.

Remember to be patient during a winter move. Everybody there will want to get it over with but rushing the process could lead to injury or damaged items. When you’re especially cold and ready for the move the be over, just imagine how worth it will all be when you’re enjoying your new home!

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Basement Packing Tips for Your Next Move

December 16th, 2020

When you are in the process of moving, packing up the spaces in your home that is used for storage can be difficult. Whether you use your basement for storage, as a finished living space, or both, it can take a while to pack up. Here are some tips for getting your basement ready for your move.

Declutter Your Space

Before packing up anything in your basement, you should go through it to see if there is anything you want to donate, throw out, and keep. If you’ve lived in this home for a while, chances are you have accumulated a lot of stuff. This way, you aren’t lugging junk to your new home that you won’t end up needing. A lot of the time, people moving are looking to either downsize or get a fresh start. Take only what you need with you!

Have a Yard Sale

If you find items in your basement that are worth selling, you should consider having a yard sale or sell things on Facebook Marketplace. This way, you can make some cash, and others are able to put your belongings to use. These items should be in good condition. Otherwise, it would be best if you tossed them. 

Get Moving Boxes and Supplies

After you figure out what you are bringing to your new place and organize everything, it’s time to pack it all up. You will need boxes, bubble wrap, packing tape, and anything else that will keep your belongings safe and sound on their way in the moving truck.

Packing Your Basement

Pack your items by where you will need them. If you will be using your new basement as a living area and storage, sort out what will be kept away and what will need to be unpacked. This way, you will be more organized once you reach your final destination.

Prep Your Basement

Before you leave for your new home, be sure your current basement is set to go for the next people moving in. You should make sure everything is turned off. Your water heater and other electrical equipment are typically stored in this space. Turn off everything until the new owners are able to move in. This can save a lot of money and prevent any flooding, fires, and other damages to the home.

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Essential Tasks To Do After You Move

December 15th, 2020

After you get your move said and done, there is still a lot to do. Most of the difficult part is done, but getting yourself situated in your new space may take some time. What are some of the key things you still need to do once you get to your new home?

Organizing Your Space

It’s hard to get comfortable and settle in right away once you move. There is a lot to do! Once all of your belongings are brought to your new space, you should take the time to organize them. Make a list of where everything needs to go, what is going in the attic or basement, and determine storage options. 

Start Unpacking

Unpacking is a lot more relaxing than packing. You already got to your new place, and now you get to enjoy putting everything away in its new spots. Once you have everything organized by the room it’s supposed to be in, start opening up those boxes! Start with boxes you know you will need that day. That can be anything from bathroom items to your bedding. Save kitchen stuff for later because you can always order food. 

Learn Your New Space

New homes will take you a while to get wholly acclimated to. Figuring out a new space can be fun and exciting! It’s a chance to start fresh and have new beginnings. Take the time to explore your home and learn the ins and outs of the place you will be spending a lot of your time. You don’t want your mail going to your old residence, especially if other people live there now. Head to your local post office or go online to change it. You want to get this done as soon as possible!

Registering Your Car

Along with changing your address for your mail, you have to change it to register your car in the right place. Say you have street parking and need a sticker; you won’t be able to get one without registering your vehicle to your new address. Otherwise, you will be considered as someone committing insurance fraud.

Changing Your Address

Something you might not have thought of before moving day is changing your mailing address to your new place. If you have never moved before, this can be something often forgotten.

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Differences Between Commercial Moving and Residential Moving

November 17th, 2020

While they are both moving services, commercial and residential moving have differences from each other. Residential moving is moving to and from another home, while commercial moving is moving an office, business, store, school, and more. Here are some of the key differences between the two:


When you break it down, residential moves are a lot easier than commercial moves. All you have to do is pack up a few rooms, and you’re good to go. Yes, you will have some heavy furniture, but it can easily all be moved by a moving team. Commercial moves take a little more planning. You have large machinery, desks, office furniture, IT equipment, and other fragile items that need to be transported. That will take up a lot of time and space.

Time Sensitivity

When it comes to figuring out a time to move for either residential or commercial moving, commercial moving may just have to happen faster. Residential moving can typically occur slower, mainly because it won’t take as much time as a commercial move anyway. Commercial moves usually have to be instant. You have employees, clients, or customers that need you to be in a physical setting. 

Transporting Items

When you are taking part in a commercial move, you typically need one truck or so to get everything to your new space. For a commercial move, you could have a few moving trucks depending on how big of a space you’re working with. Offices, warehouses, labs, and medical facilities could take multiple trucks to be able to move all of their belongings. You can also take some items from your home into your car to bring alongside you, but with a commercial move, most items are typically too large to do so. 

Moving Team

A moving team for a residential move will be a lot smaller than the one for commercial moves. You will need a bunch of people to lift heavy equipment and be able to carry it. Some items might not fit in elevators if they are even an option. For residential moves, you may need two or three workers to do everything. That won’t work for the majority of commercial moves! Make sure you have the right amount of moving team members to make your move as easy as it can be.

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Reasons to Hire Professional Packers For Your Next Move

November 17th, 2020

Moving takes a lot of preparation and work to make it go smoothly. Hiring professional packers might be the best option for you, especially if you are a very busy person. Packers will make sure all of your belongings are ready to be transported to your new home. They will box up each room flawlessly. Do you need a team of packers for your next move? Here are some reasons you might:

Last-Minute Move

If you find yourself having to pick up and move at the last minute, hiring packers might be in your best interest. Chances are, you won’t have time to take off work or get everything done on a weekend or night. Packers can make your life a lot easier. They will make sure everything is in order, and you are ready for when moving day comes!


Having certain disabilities might make it harder for you to pack your items. Movers can help you with what you can’t do yourself. Packing is a lot of physical lifting and using your body. Even if you just get bad pain after moving around too much for long periods of time, movers can take over for you instead.

Too Busy to Pack

Some people are just too busy to find the time to pack. This could be families with kids, those who work strange hours, or have other commitments around the time they plan to move. If you don’t mind the additional cost of having movers, then go for it! They are there to help you pack efficiently and smoothly. 

It’s Your First Move

If it’s your first time moving, you might have a hard time figuring out how to pack certain items. Professional packers know exactly how to properly wrap and box up certain things that may otherwise be difficult. They can help you figure out the best way to move your items so that you are prepared to do it yourself next time.

It Would Take You Too Long

Sometimes you know packing will take you too long to do on your own. It’s incredibly hard if you live by yourself in a larger space or have a lot of belongings. Packers pack for a living! They know how to do it quickly and efficiently. Chances are, they will get it done a lot faster than you imagined. You can count on professional packers to get your home ready for a move!

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What To Know About Commercial Storage

October 28th, 2020

Having the option for commercial storage is so much more important than you’d think. Suppose your business is ever in-between moves or has many items they don’t need at the moment; having storage options come in very handy. Here are some tips on what to know about commercial and industrial storage:

Go Through Your Inventory

When you plan on using storage for your business, it’s important to go through what you have so you can see what is needed and what is not (at the moment). Making a list of what you want to put in the storage unit can help you keep track when you move things around. If you accidentally put something in storage, you’ll be able to know. 

Plan A Budget

Before you decide on the size of the storage unit, make a budget. Figure out roughly how long you will need to utilize it and plan out your expenses. Depending on what you want to store and for how long, you’ll be able to figure out a size and price for your unit. Maybe you can keep some items you originally wanted to store at your actual office space or facility. 

Choosing A Storage Facility

If you plan on using storage that is easily accessible for you, consider choosing one close to your workplace. That way, you can easily go back and forth as needed. If you know you aren’t going to be often visiting to add or remove items, you can consider one farther away. These options can vary due to pricing, but maybe you’ll find a reasonable price nearby. RARE Moving & Storage is always reliable, so even if you are farther away, just know we are here to keep your belongings safe!

Do You Need A Climate-Controlled Facility?

Depending on what you are planning to store, you may be in need of a climate-controlled storage space. Climate-controlled storage will ensure your belongings are kept at a perfect temperature so that they look the same as when you brought them there. This is great for areas like New England, where the temperatures drastically change all across the year. Furniture and artwork are some things that need to be in a climate-controlled facility. They can get ruined at too cold or too hot of temperatures. 

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