Common Mistakes People Make When Moving

January 26th, 2015

Moving is tough, especially if you’re a first time mover! Check out some of the most common mistakes people make while moving, and try your hardest to avoid them during your move:

  • A lot of people pack heavy heavy objects in boxes; this is just asking for trouble! Packaging boxes can only hold so much weight until they buckle, so if you’re choosing to pack yourself, make sure to pack boxes lightly!
  • Not measuring room sizes of your new home; sometimes the furniture that fit in your old home, won’t fit in your new home! If your new home is smaller than your old home, it may be smart to sell your old furniture and purchase new furniture! Don’t wing it and just expect everything to fit!
  • Packing flammable or explosive materials…don’t do it, it’s dangerous!!
  • Not labeling boxes; it may seem like a pain to label every single box, but you will be thankful you did it when unloading boxes in your new home. Labeling boxes will help keep you organized and will make the unloading and packing process so much easier!
  • Forgetting to notify the US Postal Service of your new address. Before you move, be sure to notify the postal service and provide them with your new address, otherwise you won’t be getting your mail!

These are just some of the most common mistakes clients have made when moving!

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