How to Treat Your Movers & Tipping Tips

June 30th, 2015

Professional Movers are considered part of the service trade along the same lines as a Barber or a Waiter. The difference between a Mover and any other service trade is not how one is more labor intensive than the other but how much less room for error there is for movers than the other service positions. If a barber were to give an unsatisfied haircut, the hair can just grow back. If a waiter drops an item of food, it is replaceable, but if a mover were to miss package an item, miss handle furniture, or drag furniture across wooden floors; the ramifications would be more severe and replacing anything would be near impossible. Many people do not consider professional movers as part of the service trade even though people rely so heavily on them to do an adequate job, in which case there is an etiquette on how to treat the movers who are handling your possessions and how much one should tip them. Most times movers are not expecting a time, but as a sign of acknowledging a job well done small acts of kindness and a well calculated tip can ensure that the movers are keeping a positive mind when handling some of your most prized possessions.

  • Appropriate Beverages: Moving large, heavy items can be a strenuous and back breaking job, having water or sports beverages on hand will keep your movers properly hydrated.Purchasing Lunch: Buying the movers food in lieu of a tip is perfectly fine, but keep in mind what the movers might want to eat. Choosing to buy them something like pizza might seem like a good idea, but image how much pizza they have consumed regularly.
  • Tipping: Tipping does not work the same as going to a restaurant. Instead of the percentage of the total bill at a restaurant, the moving total will be based off of the distance the truck is traveling. The general bases for tipping movers is 10 dollars for every 4 hours of work. If the move consists of narrow or winding staircases, heavier than usual furniture, or a long distance between the parking lot to the house then be sure to add a couple of extra dollars.
  • Who to tip: When tipping movers, you should tip each mover individually instead of their foreman. Some foremen might not be inclined to divide the tip evenly or at all.
  • Avoid Inappropriate Beverages: Buying the movers alcoholic beverages after the move is a cliché and most moving companies have rules and restrictions involving drinking on the job. Also giving the movers alcoholic drinks will open the opportunity for other liability issues.

There are fewer people in the service industry that work harder than movers. And moving is already a stressful time for anyone moving into a new location. Using these tips will help ensure a more satisfying move and an overall smoother experience.