Moving in the Winter

January 13th, 2016

Winter is here! If you are moving this winter, follow these tips to have a more organized move this year!

Be Prepared-If you are moving in the New England area, be ready for the fickle weather conditions. The forecast might not always be right so always prepare like it will snow, just in case. It’s always better to be over prepared than being stuck in the cold winter with no other resources. Prepare by pouring salt around your home and near your moving truck so it will be safer to move if there’s ice on the ground. 

Organize- Separate your winter clothes from your summer clothes when packing and place it near the front of your moving truck. By packing your personal belongings is an organized fashion before moving into your new home will put less stress on you when you are unpacking. Make sure to use plastic containers during the winter instead of cardboard boxes so you can avoid any water damages from the snow or rain on your belongings.

Prepare Your New Home- With a winter move, it is crucial to check your utilities are running at your new place. You don’t want to move into a cold and dark home on your first day! Place rags, tarps or old rugs on the floors of your new home to protect them during your move and to keep snow from getting everywhere in your new home.

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