Spring Moving Tips

May 12th, 2016

Just like the seasons, the process of moving is all about change. Spring is known to be a time for rebirth or renewal. It is also an ideal time for people to move and start their new beginnings, here are some tips to prepare for your spring move!

Weather: New England has fickle weather in the spring so make sure to check the weather forecast closely. Turn the spring weather into your alley on your big day by preparing for spring storms or strong winds just to be safe!

Competitive price: to attract more customers, movers have not yet charged the highest rates in the spring. Compared to a summer move, you will be able to find a good deal for your move during the spring time. It is also easier to move at this time compared to the winter since you won’t have to worry too much over road conditions or ice.

Spring allergies: Pollen allergies are common in the spring, so make sure to keep your allergy medications close by during your move. Try to avoid hours where pollen density is high usually from 5am to 10am.

School: If you have children, then spring is a great time to move since you won’t have worry about taking them out of school since they have spring break. If they are transferring to a new school, moving during the spring will have minimal disruptions to their routine.

As you can see, spring is the most ideal time to move and start you’re a change in your life! If you are in need of professional, reliable movers this season contact Rare Moving & Trucking at 617-825-7273 or use our contact form for a FREE estimate!