Top Truck Maintenance Tips for the Summer

August 3rd, 2016

Make sure that your truck is up to par for the summer with these simple tips before heading out to your scheduled routes! Even though summer might have better road conditions than the winter time, it can still lead to dangerous results if your vehicle isn’t running properly. With these maintenance guidelines, you’ll be safer making new deliveries in the summer heat!

Cooling System: The anti-freeze concentration levels should be proper and all cooling systems should be in order since its summer weather outside. If the anti-freeze level to water ratio is off, the cooling system won’t be able to function properly in the warmth. For your safety, be sure to inspect the radiator mounts, fan shrouds, and fan clutch as well.

Tires: Heat can make the rubber that the tires are made up of burn fast. So in the summer, check your tire tread depth occasionally.  Another issue heat can cause problems with is your tire pressure. Your tires can blow out if it is under or over inflated due to the heat. Ensure your safety and successful deliveries by checking your tire tread depth and tire pressure consistently!

Air Conditioning: Summer weather brings in heat and humidity, so air conditioning is essential when on the road with your truck! Check for any leaks, condenser blockage, clogs in filters, hoses and more since a dysfunctional A/C unit in your truck can be disastrous!

Battery: Battery sulfation and the conducting grid of your vehicle’s battery can corrode due to extreme heat. The summer’s heat can cause corrosion of batteries and if it is not treated properly, it can lead to lower voltage from the battery. Maintain your battery life by inspecting your battery often and brush off the corrosion.

Have a safer drive this season and make your truck last longer on future deliveries with these maintenance tips! Contact Rare Moving and Trucking at 617-825-7273  or use our contact form for professional moving services!