What Can I Do With Boxes After I Move?

September 20th, 2017

teddy bear in boxAfter a few weeks of settling into your new home, you may start to wonder what to do with the empty cardboard boxes taking over the corners of every room. After months of collecting or buying them, throwing away seems like a waste. Most of the time, these boxes can be repurposed or reused!

Do you have a friend that is starting to plan a move? You can give them any boxes that are still in good enough condition for another move. Your friend won’t have to spend money on boxes, and they will be out of your home. If you have items that you won’t be using often, you can keep some boxes for storage in closets and basements. With a little bit of a DIY makeover, you can even use them out in the open for storage on shelves. You can use fabric and colored paper to disguise the cardboard and better match your home’s aesthetic.

If you spent a lot of money on moving materials and are looking to try to turn a small profit, you can try selling boxes and packing paper online. This could be tricky, depending on demand or price. People might not want to pay for used materials, and demand may be low based on time of year. There are several websites online that can be used to buy or sell boxes locally.

Damaged boxes and paper materials will need to be recycled. Your town’s website will have a link about how recycling is handed and what will be accepted. Boxes will need to be broken down until they can lie flat before recycling, to make transporting them to recycling centers easier. Most boxes can be left with your regular recycling bin on pickup days, and if you live in an apartment building, you may have a designated bin just for cardboard.

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