Decluttering Your Home

December 13th, 2018

woman in peace after decluttering

Most of us are guilty of hoarding things at some point. We tend to keep stuff because of their value, whether sentimental or not. This was the year that you started living on your own and we get it, you are still kind of in the trial phase. But now, you are ready to face the new year in a clean slate, literally. Unworn clothes, unused bags, and hundreds of documents just lying around your household and it makes your home smaller to move around in. The moment you hold off on folding your clothes or disposing of papers bags or boxes, that where it usually begins. If you understand what I am talking about, then it is time to start decluttering!

Where to begin?

The first step is always the hardest. But you can make the entire process as organized as possible. Start by separating your house into sections. You can either start from one room to the next or pick a section such as clothes. The easiest way to look at things without being sentimental is by asking basic questions while sorting them out like “Have I worn this piece of material the past year?”. Doing so will not only make your process quicker but also more effective. You can also take the extra step and donate old clothes or other things to a Goodwill store or charities. You will not only be helping out other people but the environment as well!

Go Paperless!

Living in the world of technology, you would think that we are all digital now, but think again. Most of us still choose to have our mails sent to us physically. If you don’t clean them up on the regular, these paper mails tend to pile up pretty quickly, especially if you hoard even the junk mails. A good start to this problem is to allot a like an hour or two in a day to sort out these mails and organize them by their importance. Once you have sorted them out, go through each one of them and get rid of the mails that you can toss out! Assign a place in your household where you can store the important documents for future reference. Once you start this one out, it is important to stay committed to this routine. Pick a day, allot an hour or two, and stick with this routine! These will help you not get stuck in this mess again in the future.


After following through on these steps, you still find yourself stuck with a couple of things that you just cannot get rid of. Your grandmother gave you this piece of furniture, but it just doesn’t go with your room. There are some things that we cannot just part with. Renting a storage is the best solution for this. With a storage rental, you can toss away these things out of your house but still be in possession with it. It is just good to take it out of your eyesight.

Rare Moving and Storage in Boston offers storage rentals that are safe, secured, and climate-controlled so you do not have to worry about the things you put in there. Each unit offers plenty of room for all kinds of belongings! If you ever decide on cleaning up your household, check our website or call us to get more information about our storage rentals.