Season’s Tips

January 25th, 2019
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There is no way to get around the rain, snow and icy weather for the next few months if you must move. We all know how New England weather is so unpredictable, if you’re new here, I wish you the best of luck. Just a couple days ago, we went through a snow storm, a negative degree weather, a 50-degree weather, and lastly mucky rainy day. All in a span of 5 days. However, you can properly prepare with a few quick tips to alleviate frustrations. 

Work That Shovel

1. Shovel your walkway, driveway or parking area where the truck needs to park.  The last thing you want to do is pay for the movers to start the day performing this task. However, if you are not capable of shoveling, call the moving company and inform them so they can get a team out to perform the task the day prior. This goes for both houses.

Small steps, Big Effects

2. If you have hardwood floors go to your local hardware store and place down contact paper for the movers to walk over. This simple step avoids the interior floors pooling water and salt being tracked from room to room throughout your home. If you have carpets seek carpet shield.

Daylight Is Your Friend

3. Utilize the daylight. Since daylight is scarce during the winter solace, you want to start as early as possible so you can also finish as early as possible. Keeping in mind, once the night approaches the temperature drops significantly resulting in icy conditions. No one wants to fall and run the risk of causing damages. Everyone seems to remain smiling and positive with energy while taking in sun rays.

I hope these tips help during the winter moves. If you have any other questions or simply want to pick my brain to contact me and I will gladly make some suggestions to optimize your moving experience.