Moving Tips – Seniors

March 4th, 2019
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We all know how stressful moving is. It is never a one-day event but a long stretch of planning to be able to move successfully, without hiccups. The moving process may feel overwhelming and it seems that the list may look endless, but with proper planning and allotting days to really focus on what to do can do so much! On top of all that, special plans need to be considered when moving with seniors as they can’t handle the same amount of stress as you do. For seniors, any move can be stressful.  Read more below for some tips on what to do when moving with seniors.

Starting Early

You want to prepare for your move as early as possible. By being focusing on areas that need more attention such as those filing cabinets you have in other rooms or the garage. By taking the time to focus on that area, you can just collect those items as your moving date creeps closer.

Break tasks into smaller task

Moving or downsizing is a large task to check off the list so you would want to break it down into smaller tasks to make it more possible to get done. One way of doing so is by picking a small area of the house first or making a list of priorities you want to tackle first.

Ask for Help

Moving is stressful for any individual and no matter how big the move is, you probably need some help. Ask for help from some family members or friends that can help you load and unload boxes. If you can’t get anyone to help you, make sure to set aside a part of the budget for some professional movers, such as Rare Moving.

Rare Moving Storage has a team of professional movers who are highly-experienced in packing and moving for residential and commercial places. If you are planning on moving and need help, call us now!