Preparing Your Items for Storage

May 15th, 2019

 Whether you are moving or just trying to reorganize your home, renting a storage unit is a perfect option for those trying to store items. With hundreds of options around the state of Massachusetts, you should be able to find something that it is conveniently located and cost-effective. However, being a limited space and all, renters should plan ahead before tossing everything inside the storage unit. There are numerous ways to prepare your items for storage. Read more about them below.

Decide which items go in the storage

To save money in the long run, carefully decide which items you really need to toss in your storage unit. Obviously, the more items you need to store, the bigger the storage unit you have to rent. If you are no longer using it and is not valuable enough to be kept, consider donating or selling the item instead.

Create an inventory list of items

Moving or reorganizing your home can be a hassle or chaotic. A good idea to make sure that you remember which items are in the storage unit is by creating an inventory list of all the items you plan to store.

Label Your Boxes

Using cardboard boxes for your belongings is always a good choice but do make sure that the boxes are study enough to withstand long term storage. The only downside of using cardboard boxes is that they all look alike on the outside and you cannot really tell what items are inside. Make sure that you put labels on your boxes and list down items that are inside.

Or Use Clear Plastic Bins

Better alternative? Clear plastic bins are great for packing belongings in storage units. This way, you can see what is inside of each container and you don’t have to guess in the future. Taking out items from your storage unit in the future should be easier.

Place Items Inside Strategically

Because storage units have limited spaces, you have to come up with a plan to organize all your belongings in the space. Store items that you are more likely to retrieve in the near distant future in the front of the unit and things that you know you will not be needing for awhile in the back.

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