Best Way to Pack a Storage Unit

December 9th, 2019

Storage units can be expensive, so maximizing space in a smaller unit can make a difference. You can keep more in the unit if you can learn to pack your belongings neatly and efficiently!

Size of the Storage Unit

It’s important to consider the size of the unit you want to rent. If you think you’ll need two of them, just opt for a larger one to save money.

Make sure to walk around your home and see what items you are putting in storage, and try to figure out which ones can be stacked or which ones will take up the most space. If you are putting items in storage for a move, try to see which ones the owner of the new home will let you place in the garage or other areas of the house before completely moving in. That way, bigger items won’t have to go in paid storage and take up that space.

Storage Boxes

Make sure to pack strategically. Pick boxes that are roughly the same shape and size as each other. This way, they will be easier to fit in the storage unit. If you don’t get moving boxes, try plastic totes with an actual cover or lid.

If you are looking for free boxes, stop by fast food restaurants and ask for old food boxes and have the manager hold them for you.

Always remember to never pack liquids, chemicals, batteries, food, aerosol cans or sprays, etc., in a storage units. These are usually on the list of items not allowed in a storage unit facility.

Order of Packing the Storage Unit

Packing up a storage unit can seem like playing Tetris. You have to find out what fits where, but always make sure boxes go in the back. Furniture and oddly shaped items go towards the front. If you are using a storage unit for a move, you’ll need the furniture first anyways. Boxes and bins can fit in a car rather than putting them all in a moving truck.

Materials Needed for the Unit

Make sure you keep a step ladder handy, as well as a tape measure. The step ladder can help you stack your boxes, and the tape measure can help you figure out how much space you have to work with. Maximize your space so that you can get your moneys worth!

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Moving Your Car Across the Country

December 9th, 2019

Once you figure out how to move yourself across the country, you may need to figure out about your car if you aren’t driving it to your new space. Some people even opt for selling their car and getting a new one once they get to their destination, especially if it’s very far. Whatever you choose to do, there are some important things you need to know:

Deciding on Car Shipping

Should you drive your car to your new house, or get it delivered? It all depends on how far you’re willing to drive. If you’re moving somewhere in the same state you’re already in, it’s only logical to drive it yourself. Even if you’re just going to a neighboring state, as well. Shipping a car to a home that is pretty nearby can be a waste of money and an extra cost you don’t need.

States Away

Getting your car shipped states away is very convenient and can save you time and effort. A entirely cross-country move could take days to drive yourself, because of stopping and having to sleep. This can add up – hotel rooms, gas, and food. Sometimes shipping your car is the way to go if you’re really going the distance.

Using a Car Transport Service

Using a car transport company can leave you with peace of mind that your car gets to your destination safe and sound. Car transport companies have experience and professionalism so it’s easy to trust them with your vehicle. They will be able to give you a quote based on your type of vehicle and how far the distance is from point A to point B. Make sure to also read reviews and check out multiple companies before making a final decision.

The Cost

The price of getting a car shipped can vary from anywhere between $400-$500 for short hauls, to around $1,500 for long cross-country moves.

West Coast to East Coast (or vice versa)

The price is generally around $1,200 for a sedan and $1,400 for a pickup truck or SUV

West Coast to Midwest (or vice versa)

The price is generally $800 for a sedan and $900 for a pickup truck or SUV

East Coast to Midwest (or vice versa)

The price is generally around $1,000 for a sedan and $1,200 for a pickup truck or SUV

North to South (or vice versa)

The price is usually around $1,000 for a sedan and $1,200 for a pickup truck or SUV

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