What to Know When You’re Moving Across the Country

March 18th, 2020

A cross country move can be a large task if you don’t carefully plan for it. There are many moving parts to a long distance move, such as packing up for the move, coordinating the move, booking with a moving company, unpacking and settling into your new place, among other necessary tasks. A long distance move should be well thought out, planned and carried out to achieve success. It’s easy to make a mistake, but fixing it might cause you more trouble than you would like. You want to avoid as much frustration as possible when a cross country move is on your to-do list. Here are some things that you should know when planning a move across the country.

Travel as Light as You Can

If you plan on hiring a moving company for your interstate move, the weight of your possessions will factor greatly into the cost of the move. The more items you pack up in the moving truck, the higher the cost will be for transporting those items. The truth is that cross country moves can cost a pretty penny and saving money where possible is a smart move. Don’t try to pack and load every single item you own into the moving truck. Think about needs and wants and what’s trash. Donate what you can to places like Goodwill that accepts gently used/worm items. Also, make use of online marketplaces and consignment stores to rid yourself of some items and lighten the load a little. Take the opportunity to purge.

Let Family Help

Your cross country move may include your family, which can make an already tough move more difficult. However, don’t be afraid to use family members who have the ability to work to pitch in where needed with the packing. More hands on deck, the quicker you can get things done.  If available, get your spouse and kids to play their part; if you have a particular technique that you are using for packing, be sure to demonstrate to them how to do it before starting. If the kids are old enough, allow them to help pack up their own rooms, starting with non-essentials. The essentials can be packed last.

Book Travel Arrangements in Advance 

The last thing  that you want to do when planning a cross country move is to leave tasks until the last minute. That is the worst thing that you could do that could make your move twice as difficult. Book travel arrangements ahead of time. Start by doing your research and do diligence when looking for a moving company. Plan to schedule your move 1-3 months in advance, along with all the travel details. You want your move to be a success, so plan ahead. 

Get More than One Quote For Moving Companies

Moving companies typically offer competitive rates and as such, you should shop around before making a final decision on a moving company. It’s best to get quotes from roughly three or four moving companies so you can compare prices and choose the best offer. Some moving companies may offer special services, discounts and prices, so be sure to speak to a company representative specifically so you can have your questions answered. 

Ensure Moving Company is Licensed and Insured 

Having a reputable moving company to help you with your move is more important than a cheap rogue mover that cuts corners. Moving scams are nothing new, but there are ways to spot one when you know what red flags to look for. For example, a moving estimate that sounds a little too sweet of a deal may be something to think about. Furthermore, with a cross country move, you should ensure that the moving company that you are interested in is licensed and insured to do interstate/cross country moves. You can find out if a mover is licensed to perform cross country moves by visiting the FMCSA’s database where you can check for their U.S. DOT number. Don’t forget to verify if a moving company insurance before booking with them.

Get Moving Insurance

You should do everything in your power to protect your valuables when moving cross country. It’s important to review the valuation coverage available provided by the moving company. The typical basic protection, that often comes free of charge, doesn’t cover much. It’s perhaps best to get “full value” insurance protection that will make your mover responsible for the cash value of any damaged or lost items during the transportation process. You can also opt for full comprehensive moving insurance coverage, which is often best obtained from a third-party insurance company.

Contact Us

To make your cross country move run smoother, plan your trip well and keep things organized. RARE can help you with your moving needs by providing movers that are reliable, who will make your trip much easier with all around high-quality service. Rest easy knowing that RARE Moving & Storage is insured and licensed, leaving you in good hands for a successful transport of your possessions.  

Benefits of Using a Storage Unit

March 17th, 2020

If you have a lot of belongings and a home or some other space that cannot accommodate all your possessions, you may be stuck thinking about what to do with it all. You don’t want to create a clutter at home, but you also do not want to throw your belongings away because some may hold sentimental value. Thankfully, today, you have other options that can allow you to protect and keep your possessions. This peace of mind can be had with using a storage unit to hold your prized possessions. Wondering how you can benefit from storing your possessions in a storage unit? Check out these benefits of renting a storage unit to house your belongings.

Protection from the Elements

When your home is overflowing with your stuff and space is running out to put them, every spot that is available becomes another storage space. Whether it’s the attic, cupboards, basement or exterior storage shed, filling everywhere you possibly can will quickly make your home look like a hoarders’ paradise. However, your valuables shouldn’t be stored in any old place, where it’s cold, damp and dark. In these environments, your possessions could easily be at risk to sustain damage. Climate can have an impact on certain items and the way they are stored. With a storage unit, your stuff possessions are protected from the elements. Storage units are typically controlled-climate environments that prevent damage to your items. Rest easy knowing that issues such as condensation will not affect your possessions when placed in a storage unit.

Added Space for Storage

Storage units allow for the organization of your possessions. You can designate a space for the things that you want to use right now and those that you will need later. Knowing where to find all the things that you possess when in storage is important and a storage unit has enough space to organize things in a way that makes them accessible. There are companies that offer different size storage units that can match your specific needs. You can have enough space, more than you have at home by renting a storage unit. With a storage unit, you don’t need to cram any items into a space or forget where to find them, if you label them properly. You’ll have more space, opportunity to organize your items and an easier way to find them.

Secure Location

If you have concerns about theft, a storage unit provides a layer of security that you never had before. While your home may be a safe space for housing your possessions, it’s not generally wise to have all your valuables in a single location. With a storage unit, you reduce that risk significantly. It is common for most storage units to feature different layers of protection, which can include secure locks, CCTV and constant security monitoring. Some storage units are located in highly secured buildings or lots that can only be entered with secure access. A secure location allows you the peace of mind to go about your day and not worry that thieves could access your possessions.

Cost Effective Solution

With a sizable amount of possession to house, the cost of storage may be a cause of concern, especially when you are on a tight budget with little room for additional expenses. There may be some room for flexibility when it comes to the cost of a rented storage unit, in that, the amount of storage you need in a particular time-span is the amount you’ll pay for. A storage unit could be especially useful if your living arrangement is temporary and you need an affordable way to store your possessions. 

Establish a Permanent Storage Base

If you have temporary accommodations, finding an efficient way to manage your possessions can be a challenge. You can’t possibly take all your belongings with you wherever you go,  and not having a primary base to house them is not practical. With a storage unit for your items, you will have a permanent base for your stuff, where they’ll be safe and not cost you an arm and a leg. If you continue to pay your bills, your possessions will be where you stored them and you’ll have access to them when you need them. 

When you are trying to decide whether or not you need a storage unit for your possessions, think about these mentioned benefits and how they apply to your specific circumstances. For your storage needs, RARE Moving & Storage can provide you with affordable and reliable services that will guarantee the security and space for all your valuables. RARE Moving & Storage is the storage company that you can depend on when you need to keep clutter at bay, find a permanent base for your belongings and protect your valuable possessions, whether in the short-term or for an extended period.