How to Make Your Summer Move Go Smoothly

June 12th, 2020

Moving in the summer is a common thing to do. With the nice weather and no chance of snow getting in the way of getting from point A to point B, this is the prime moving season. If this is your first summer move, here are some tips to make it go a bit easier for you:

Book your movers in advance

With summer being the most popular time for moving, the best moving companies are likely to get booked. Decide which moving company will fully suit your needs, and get on their schedule well in advance.

Have a yard sale

On a nice weekend, get rid of all of your extra belongings in a yard sale. Try to have the yard sale a few weeks before you have to pack up the moving truck since you might be left with at least a few things that you might not want. If you still have items you want to get rid of, consider donating them.

Pack Efficiently

Make sure that everything is absolutely ready to go on moving day. That means emptying all of your drawers and packing up everything except your essentials so the movers can do their job without having to wait while you rush around. Spreading out your packing over a week or more will help you avoid the night-before shenanigans.

Double Check Before You Pack Up the Moving Truck

There’s a chance that you’ll be packing some heat-sensitive items for your move. If you are moving long-distance or there is a chance that the truck will sit in the sun for an extended period, think of another way of packing sensitive electronics or things like candles that could melt. You should take them in your car, or if you have to pack them in the moving truck, keep them in the cold house and put them in last, labeling the boxes so you can quickly unpack them first when you get to the new place.

Stay Cool and Hydrated

It can be secure in the bustle of moving to neglect to drink enough water and take breaks to cool off. Make sure to use your air conditioning and cool down the house before the movers come, or at least have one cold room where they can take a break if the weather is hot. Try to keep lots of water accessible for everyone to stay hydrated. Don’t let heat stroke to ruin your moving day!

Plan Around Traffic

In the winter, there are weather delays. In the summer, people are traveling nearby for vacation. Plan your move to bypass any weekends or popular vacation weeks, like the end of August, to avoid getting stuck in vacation traffic. If you certainly must move on a weekend and live in a common vacation area, plan to avoid peak traffic times.

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