Prepare for Your September 1st Move!

August 23rd, 2017

September 1st is Boston’s unofficial moving day, with 70% of leases beginning. It can be a stressful day to move, but Rare Moving & Trucking has some tips to make the day as painless as possible!

Plan ahead. If you need to park a van or UHAUL, you may need a permit. This is based on the neighborhood you are going to be moving to, and reservations for trucks fill up fast.  If it’s an option, see if you can move early or late. You’ll still need to fill out necessary paperwork and acquire permits, but you might be able to dodge the crowd. Traffic restrictions may be in place for your new or previous neighborhood, particularly in Allston/Brighton, Fenway and Mission Hill. A full list of restrictions for this moving season are available on the City of Boston website. Residents of Boston should also look at Boston 311 to request inspections. You must post permit signs on your new street at least two days before you move in a legal parking spot.

Don’t wait until the day of to pack. The only belongings that should remain unpacked are essentials that you will be using that day. If you hire movers or ask friends to help you move, you’re inconveniencing everyone and are more likely to hit peak traffic. Throw out any belongings you feel unsure about beforehand to expedite the moving process, and make sure all trash is properly disposed of. If you are using a van or UHAUL in the Fenway area, avoid Storrow Drive. The low bridges will cause your truck to get stuck, causing potential damage to your belongings and increasing traffic jams throughout the area.

If you are looking for movers this September, contact Rare Moving & Trucking. We will move your belongings efficiently and provide free estimates prior to your move. Call us at 617-825-7273 or use our contact form to start your stress-free moving experience!

My Summer Moving Experience

September 8th, 2016

As we all know in New England, especially in Boston, August is known to be the peak season for people moving to new homes. With students coming back to school, young professionals and adults alike all usually have their leases end near the end of August which makes it even more necessary to reserve reliable movers ahead of time! As an independent woman living by herself, it was crucial for me to get movers that were efficient and affordable. Luckily, I found Rare Moving & Trucking who was timely and has exceeded my expectations!

After researching various moving companies last minute in August, I decided to go with Rare Moving & Trucking since they gave me a quick response back and was the most cost effective for me. I even got a FREE estimate off their site! On August 31st, the second busiest day to move in Boston, the Rare Movers came an hour earlier than our said time. This was perfect since I got to have an earlier start on moving into my new apartment and we got to beat some of the rush hour traffic. I had two movers who were friendly and moved my things effectively without any problems! We communicated very well as to where my things were going to go for each room and they made sure everything was safely placed in my new apartment.

Overall, this was the best moving experience I have ever had and will definitely be contacting Rare Movers if I ever need to move again! The movers knew exactly what to do when loading the truck with my things and were great listeners which are hard to come by these days! Contact Rare Moving & Trucking for your next relocation at 617-825-7273 or use their contact form for more inquiries about their moving services!

two rare movers mover moving things from truck mover moving table two movers walking to truck two movers moving vanity table

Moved College Student to Allston MA

September 4th, 2014

We just finished moving a Suffolk University student to her apartment in Allston MA; late last month our moving crew moved a student and all of her belongings to a small studio apartment in Allston MA.

Her parents gave us a call in mid June, looking for a moving estimate; their daughter was moving from Concord New Hampshire to finish off her undergrad at Suffolk. During these initial calls, we ask the customer about their belongings; what they are bringing, how much the are bringing, and whether or not they need our packing services.

The mother started to list some of the big ticket items her daughter would be taking to college with her: queen size bed, couch, loveseat, recliner, bureau, desk, night table, dining room table, and a flat screen television, along with boxes filled with clothes, kitchen ware, etc.

Based on this description, we knew how many crew members it would take to efficiently make the move and the size of the truck we had to use. With this knowledge, we were able to give the mother an accurate estimate for what the move would cost.

A few days later, the mother called us, and said that she would like to book a moving day with us. Because she called months in advance, we were able to book a moving day that conceited with her daughter’s college schedule. (Side note, it is important to book a moving day months in advance!)

We drove up to New Hampshire, packed all the big ticket items first (couch, table, bureau, etc), made sure to wrap up the TV with bubble wrap, and loaded up all of the boxes.

Her apartment was on the fifth floor, so we had to lug up everything five flights of stairs, which is something our crew members are used to!

We were able to move this student’s “stuff” pretty quickly and efficiently.

For more information about our moving services, or for a free estimate, please give Rare Movers a call at 617.825.7273. Remember to book your moving day, months in advance!

Back to School Movers

August 25th, 2014

It’s that time of year again: back to school! College kids from across the country are preparing for the start of the semester; some are moving into dorms, many others are taking that big step into adulthood, and are renting apartments for the first time! If you’re one of the students moving into an apartment, Rare Movers will help with all of your moving needs. S

Schedule an estimate and a moving date today, this is a busy time of year for us, but we still have openings!

We help college students, not only in Boston, but all of the United States! Whether you’re moving to a college across town, across the state, or even across the country, we will help with all of your moving needs.

All you have to do is pickup the phone and schedule a moving date! On the phone, in order to give you an accurate estimate, we will ask you a few specific questions, just to get an idea on what your moving needs are; for example, we will ask the location, parking situations of both locations, how many stairs, and of course, just how much “stuff” are you bringing. The amount of belongings and location are the two most important questions; they will help determine just how much a move may cost.

When we know how much you’re packing, we will be able to determine how big of a truck to bring, and how many crew members to staff.

We are looking forward to helping your move into college be as smooth and stress-free as possible; we understand that college is stressful enough, moving should not be an added pressure!

For more information about our moving services, or for a free estimate, please give Rare Movers a call at 781-825-7273.