Moving Household Appliances

November 19th, 2018

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When you are moving, everything is just extra difficult for you and everyone involved. You literally must plan everything from the beginning and try to follow that plan as much as you could. If you think that packing your clothes or your kitchen items are hard, wait till you have to pack and move your large appliances to your new home. The process of moving appliances requires a great deal of planning and lots of extra precautions. These huge household appliances need more than just brute strength to be safely moved from point A to point B.

A lot of movers don’t tend to move with their household appliances for a couple of reasons. One is that they already have new household appliances included in the new place they are moving in to. Second, the household appliances they currently own are somewhat outdated and are inefficient anymore. In addition to that, the place that they are moving into might have a different set-up, which won’t allow the current appliances to fit as nicely. There are more reasons why people do not tend to move with their appliances, but these are the main ones.

Here are a couple of tips and tricks to move your household appliances to your new house safely.

Get proper equipment first!

As I have mentioned earlier, moving appliances requires a great deal of planning. A part of this is getting the necessary equipment to allow safe and easy move for your large appliances.

  1. Make sure to purchase or rent a high-quality dolly. This is something you cannot afford to forget. A dolly will be your extra person in this difficult time.
  2. Straps! Do not forget to acquire some appliance straps for when you are moving those big appliances
  3. Sliding Pads are the next helper you are going to need. These will allow you to slide the appliances without damaging your floor.


Moving this big household appliance is a process. Although when done right, it’s just all about the heavy lifting and proper moving. There are just a couple of things you have to keep in mind.

  1. Make sure to disconnect your refrigerator to its power supply a day before you are moving.
  2. Take out all removable parts and empty the content!
  3. Clean the inside thoroughly and let it dry.
  4. Coil and tape the cord so it won’t be hanging out while you are moving.
  5. Before loading it up on the dolly, use the straps to secure the doors and keep it from opening.
  6. You don’t want to damage your appliance and have oil leaking inside it so make sure to keep it upright on all times.
  7. Once you’ve settled in, keep it unplugged for at least a couple of hours to make sure the oil is stabilized.

RARE Moving and Storage has a team of highly-experienced professionals when it comes to moving appliances. Combined with our skills and proper equipment, we move huge and large household appliances of all types safely and efficiently.

My Summer Moving Experience

September 8th, 2016

As we all know in New England, especially in Boston, August is known to be the peak season for people moving to new homes. With students coming back to school, young professionals and adults alike all usually have their leases end near the end of August which makes it even more necessary to reserve reliable movers ahead of time! As an independent woman living by herself, it was crucial for me to get movers that were efficient and affordable. Luckily, I found Rare Moving & Trucking who was timely and has exceeded my expectations!

After researching various moving companies last minute in August, I decided to go with Rare Moving & Trucking since they gave me a quick response back and was the most cost effective for me. I even got a FREE estimate off their site! On August 31st, the second busiest day to move in Boston, the Rare Movers came an hour earlier than our said time. This was perfect since I got to have an earlier start on moving into my new apartment and we got to beat some of the rush hour traffic. I had two movers who were friendly and moved my things effectively without any problems! We communicated very well as to where my things were going to go for each room and they made sure everything was safely placed in my new apartment.

Overall, this was the best moving experience I have ever had and will definitely be contacting Rare Movers if I ever need to move again! The movers knew exactly what to do when loading the truck with my things and were great listeners which are hard to come by these days! Contact Rare Moving & Trucking for your next relocation at 617-825-7273 or use their contact form for more inquiries about their moving services!

two rare movers mover moving things from truck mover moving table two movers walking to truck two movers moving vanity table

Simple Tips for a Smooth Move

April 5th, 2016

The best tip to stay organized and sane during this hectic time in your life is to create a checklist for before and after your big move! Some obvious moving tips can be overlooked so Rare Moving and Trucking is here to help give advice and make sure your move goes smoothly as possible!

Take Notes: Make note of your shipment registration number and keep it with you so in case you have questions about your shipment, you can call your movers with any questions.

Bed Ready: Designate one packing box or drawer of a dresser for sheets and towels so you won’t have to look through everything you packed on the first night in your new place. Keeping the essentials, you’ll need for that first night in one box will also help you stay organized!

Fridge: Don’t forget to clean and dry out your fridge before moving out of your current place! Put a hand full of baking soda or fresh coffee beans and place it inside the fridge to keep the interior smelling fresh.

Pack Heavy-Pack Light: Pack your heavier items in smaller boxes and lighter items in larger ones.

Give Out Your Number: Before your movers get to your destination residence, give them a phone number where you can be reached if needed. Also, it’s a safe bet to provide them with an alternative phone number just in case they can’t reach you.

Packing Plates and Records:  Pack your plates and album records vertically rather than placed flat, and stacked on top of each other. This will help you save on some space and well as protect your items better.

Bare Necessities: Remember to pack all the necessities that you will need for the first couple nights at your new residence! Some items you should pack are toilet paper, paper towel, telephone, toiletries, snacks, coffee, soap, flashlight, screwdriver, pliers, paper plates, cups, utensils, a couple of pans, and cleaning supplies. Make sure these necessities are packed at the front of the moving truck so it’s one of the first boxes unloaded.

Bulbs: Make sure to unscrew your bulbs before packing your lamps!

Memorize Your New Address: You and your children should practice writing your new address on all your boxes so all of you can get acquainted with your new street and town.

Relax: Leave the moving to the professionals and relax. Look forward to the new opportunities, experience, and home! Get a good night’s rest before the pickup and delivery days and stay calm throughout this hectic process!

With these tips you’ll be able to have a more organized and smoother move day! If you are in need of professionals, contact Rare Moving and Trucking at 617-825-7273 for our reliable moving services or use our contact form for a free estimate!

Storage Tips When Moving

September 21st, 2015

Are you worried your precious cargo is getting ruined every time you move? Organizing your things efficiently inside your moving truck will make your move much easier and less stressful. Here are a few suggestions that you can use when storing your items in your moving truck when loading and unloading so the process can go as smoothly as possible!

  • Loading the heaviest items first is key! This will help keep your truck stable on the road and storing items that you need frequently during the ride should be kept in the front of the unit, where you can have access to the items easily. Also make sure you have the right size truck for your moving trip!
  • Load your items into the truck quarter at a time while packing it as tight as possible from the floor to the ceiling. For extra security, you should secure each quarter with rope tied to the tie-down rings.
  • Place heavy appliances such as sofas, refrigerators, large cabinets against the front wall of the truck. Then load chairs, tables, and bookcases, and light items towards near the back of the truck.
  • Make sure to use protective covers on mattress and sofas. Try to stand large, flat objects like mirrors, mattresses, box springs, and tabletops vertically against the truck walls and tie them down firmly.
  • Wrap your fragile items like mirrors and pictures with protective padding and store them in the end. Try to have all the right packing materials in advance so you are prepared for anything!
  • Lighter boxes should be stacked on top of the heavier, bigger ones.
  • If you have valuable papers and items, carry it with you so they don’t get lost or damaged.

These simple tactics will guarantee help you plan out your moving when you are unloading and loading your truck! If you just want a hassle free move without the worries of damaged items and loading & unloading the truck, just call Rare Moving & Trucking! Give us a call at (617) 825-7273 to set up an appointment and we will do all the work so you can have a smooth move.

Moved College Students to New Apartment in Cambridge MA

December 2nd, 2014

Four Harvard University students were moving to a new apartment in the Cambridge MA area, due to a rodent infestation in their old apartment! They needed to move quick, so they booked our moving services once they found a new apartment to move into.

This new apartment was located on the very top floor of a three story complex, so we knew this would be a challenge, a challenge we would meet and exceed with great success!

The four students each had queen sized beds, one big couch, two love seats, three big screen televisions, kitchen table, and a dining room set. We told them to pack as much things as they possibly could before we arrived on moving day; these things included: clothes, dishes, pots & pans, pretty much all of the smaller items that could fit in a box. We asked them if they needed us to provide them with packaging supplies, and they said they had their own.

It’s important to be as prepared and organized as you possibly can before the big moving day; you don’t want to spend the night before or the day of the move, packing up boxes! This should be done at least a few days before the move!!

We also asked the students to reserve a spot for our truck as close to the front door as possible; you should reserve a spot as close to the front entrance for both the old and new location!

The spot for both the new and old apartment, was reserved for us, so we were able to quickly and efficiently load and unload the truck.

We made sure all of the items made it to the new location safely and in the same condition they entered our care with. Despite the apartment being located on the top floor of the apartment building, we were able to make excellent time, and we finished the move within the estimated time and budget! Our movers are all very experienced, and most of them have had to carry couches and beds up a few dozen flights of stairs!

To schedule an appointment with Boston Rare Movers, please give us a call at 617-825-7273. We are looking forward to helping you move, and providing you with a stress-free move experience.