How to Properly Pack Electronic Equipment

September 18th, 2014

While moving, your electronic equipment is more likely to break than any other item you’re packing. Why? Because some people don’t really know the proper way to securely pack their electronic equipment.

Here are some tips to securely pack and protect your electronic equipment while moving:

  • If you haven’t thrown it away, review the manufacture’s instruction manual that came with the device when you first purchased it; this will usually give you instructions on how to store the device and the climate it needs to be in in order to survive.
  • Keep your cords organized, don’t just throw them all together in a box! They’re going to get tangled, and it’s going to be a nightmare untangling them! Either label the cords, or attach the cords with the device they belong to.
  • Securely cover your electronic equipment with some type of linen to prevent exposure to dust.
  • If you still have the original box, place the equipment in that box and tape it up; but most of you probably threw out the box; if that’s the case use a sturdy box that is close to the same size as the equipment. Any space in the box that is leftover should be filled in with packaging material.
  • For screens, don’t use material like newspaper because it will scratch the screen. See if you can find soft, anti-static cloths to cover and protect your computer and TV screens.

Electronic devices aren’t cheap, you should spend some extra time in securely packing and protecting them from damage during the moving process. If you need help with packing any of your belongings, not just electronics, we will securely and safely pack all of your belongings!

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