Tips for a Summer Move

June 13th, 2016

Relocating to a new area and a new apartment is an exciting process in one’s life! However, moving in the summer heat and humidity can make your move become stressful and uncomfortable. But don’t you fret, here are some moving tips from Rare Moving & Trucking that’ll help you stay cool and collected during your summer move!

  1. Hydrate: Remember to stay hydrated! The most important tip for a summer move is keep drinking water throughout the whole moving process. Keep a water bottle on hand to stay hydrated and energized through the process.
  2. Dress Appropriately: Stay away from wearing black or dark colored clothes in the summer as it attracts heat. Choose garments that are light-weight and comfortable to move in. Wear sunscreen to protect your skin from sunburn since you’ll be spending a lot of time outside carrying your belongings.
  3. Air Conditioning: Make your summer move more bearable by turning on the air conditioner as soon as you get to your new place. This will make the unpacking process less uncomfortable and less sweaty!
  4. Move Month: Try to plan your move in the middle of the summer months so that you don’t have to move during the busiest time of the months which is either the beginning or end of the summer. By moving in the middle of the summer month you’ll have an easier time renting moving trucks and dealing with less traffic on the road.
  5. Pack Carefully: Check the weather and if it’s going to especially hot and humid during your move, be cautious to what you leave in the moving truck. Don’t put anything in the truck or your belongings that could potentially melt!

Contact Rare Moving & Trucking to have professional and reliable movers for your summer move! We offer a free quote and experience driving in and around The Greater Boston Area. Call us at 617-825-7273 or use our contact form to hear more about our moving services!


Spring Moving Tips

May 12th, 2016

Just like the seasons, the process of moving is all about change. Spring is known to be a time for rebirth or renewal. It is also an ideal time for people to move and start their new beginnings, here are some tips to prepare for your spring move!

Weather: New England has fickle weather in the spring so make sure to check the weather forecast closely. Turn the spring weather into your alley on your big day by preparing for spring storms or strong winds just to be safe!

Competitive price: to attract more customers, movers have not yet charged the highest rates in the spring. Compared to a summer move, you will be able to find a good deal for your move during the spring time. It is also easier to move at this time compared to the winter since you won’t have to worry too much over road conditions or ice.

Spring allergies: Pollen allergies are common in the spring, so make sure to keep your allergy medications close by during your move. Try to avoid hours where pollen density is high usually from 5am to 10am.

School: If you have children, then spring is a great time to move since you won’t have worry about taking them out of school since they have spring break. If they are transferring to a new school, moving during the spring will have minimal disruptions to their routine.

As you can see, spring is the most ideal time to move and start you’re a change in your life! If you are in need of professional, reliable movers this season contact Rare Moving & Trucking at 617-825-7273 or use our contact form for a FREE estimate!

Simple Tips for a Smooth Move

April 5th, 2016

The best tip to stay organized and sane during this hectic time in your life is to create a checklist for before and after your big move! Some obvious moving tips can be overlooked so Rare Moving and Trucking is here to help give advice and make sure your move goes smoothly as possible!

Take Notes: Make note of your shipment registration number and keep it with you so in case you have questions about your shipment, you can call your movers with any questions.

Bed Ready: Designate one packing box or drawer of a dresser for sheets and towels so you won’t have to look through everything you packed on the first night in your new place. Keeping the essentials, you’ll need for that first night in one box will also help you stay organized!

Fridge: Don’t forget to clean and dry out your fridge before moving out of your current place! Put a hand full of baking soda or fresh coffee beans and place it inside the fridge to keep the interior smelling fresh.

Pack Heavy-Pack Light: Pack your heavier items in smaller boxes and lighter items in larger ones.

Give Out Your Number: Before your movers get to your destination residence, give them a phone number where you can be reached if needed. Also, it’s a safe bet to provide them with an alternative phone number just in case they can’t reach you.

Packing Plates and Records:  Pack your plates and album records vertically rather than placed flat, and stacked on top of each other. This will help you save on some space and well as protect your items better.

Bare Necessities: Remember to pack all the necessities that you will need for the first couple nights at your new residence! Some items you should pack are toilet paper, paper towel, telephone, toiletries, snacks, coffee, soap, flashlight, screwdriver, pliers, paper plates, cups, utensils, a couple of pans, and cleaning supplies. Make sure these necessities are packed at the front of the moving truck so it’s one of the first boxes unloaded.

Bulbs: Make sure to unscrew your bulbs before packing your lamps!

Memorize Your New Address: You and your children should practice writing your new address on all your boxes so all of you can get acquainted with your new street and town.

Relax: Leave the moving to the professionals and relax. Look forward to the new opportunities, experience, and home! Get a good night’s rest before the pickup and delivery days and stay calm throughout this hectic process!

With these tips you’ll be able to have a more organized and smoother move day! If you are in need of professionals, contact Rare Moving and Trucking at 617-825-7273 for our reliable moving services or use our contact form for a free estimate!

Moving with Pets

February 3rd, 2016

Moving is a stressful event for everyone, including your pets! Since animals have great intuition when it comes to changes, pay extra attention to your pets and give them reassurance during your move. Take time to prepare your pet’s move just as you did when you were considering for a professional mover and check out our moving tips below!

If you are flying or moving to another state, make sure to stop by the veterinarian and have a signed health certificate for your pet. Also, make sure you check out the requirements of the import of animals of the state you are trying to move to. By taking your pets to a veterinarian before your move, you and your pet will be prepared for any regional health risks that might require vaccinations like heartworms in areas that have a lot of mosquitos. In addition, it’s best for your pet to get an identification chip implanted if you plan on flying since most airlines require your pets to have one. Your veterinarian will also be able to provide you with a copy of your pet’s latest health records that you can keep for your move.

When moving it’s important that if your pets are traveling with you, your pets should have a travel identification tag just in case they might get lost any time during your move. Pets like cats, can be sensitive to moves, they might get scared or be confused and may try to run so having information like your name, address, your pet’s name, your phone number on the tag will be helpful if they ever get lost and are found by someone else.

Pack your pet’s necessities separately from your personal belongings so you can keep your moving boxes organized. Lastly, Pack extra food for your pet when moving to your new spot, just in case you can’t find it at your new location easily.

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Moving in the Winter

January 13th, 2016

Winter is here! If you are moving this winter, follow these tips to have a more organized move this year!

Be Prepared-If you are moving in the New England area, be ready for the fickle weather conditions. The forecast might not always be right so always prepare like it will snow, just in case. It’s always better to be over prepared than being stuck in the cold winter with no other resources. Prepare by pouring salt around your home and near your moving truck so it will be safer to move if there’s ice on the ground. 

Organize- Separate your winter clothes from your summer clothes when packing and place it near the front of your moving truck. By packing your personal belongings is an organized fashion before moving into your new home will put less stress on you when you are unpacking. Make sure to use plastic containers during the winter instead of cardboard boxes so you can avoid any water damages from the snow or rain on your belongings.

Prepare Your New Home- With a winter move, it is crucial to check your utilities are running at your new place. You don’t want to move into a cold and dark home on your first day! Place rags, tarps or old rugs on the floors of your new home to protect them during your move and to keep snow from getting everywhere in your new home.

If you are moving this winter, contact Rare Moving & Trucking at 617-825-7273 or use our free estimate form to reach us!

Storage Tips When Moving

September 21st, 2015

Are you worried your precious cargo is getting ruined every time you move? Organizing your things efficiently inside your moving truck will make your move much easier and less stressful. Here are a few suggestions that you can use when storing your items in your moving truck when loading and unloading so the process can go as smoothly as possible!

  • Loading the heaviest items first is key! This will help keep your truck stable on the road and storing items that you need frequently during the ride should be kept in the front of the unit, where you can have access to the items easily. Also make sure you have the right size truck for your moving trip!
  • Load your items into the truck quarter at a time while packing it as tight as possible from the floor to the ceiling. For extra security, you should secure each quarter with rope tied to the tie-down rings.
  • Place heavy appliances such as sofas, refrigerators, large cabinets against the front wall of the truck. Then load chairs, tables, and bookcases, and light items towards near the back of the truck.
  • Make sure to use protective covers on mattress and sofas. Try to stand large, flat objects like mirrors, mattresses, box springs, and tabletops vertically against the truck walls and tie them down firmly.
  • Wrap your fragile items like mirrors and pictures with protective padding and store them in the end. Try to have all the right packing materials in advance so you are prepared for anything!
  • Lighter boxes should be stacked on top of the heavier, bigger ones.
  • If you have valuable papers and items, carry it with you so they don’t get lost or damaged.

These simple tactics will guarantee help you plan out your moving when you are unloading and loading your truck! If you just want a hassle free move without the worries of damaged items and loading & unloading the truck, just call Rare Moving & Trucking! Give us a call at (617) 825-7273 to set up an appointment and we will do all the work so you can have a smooth move.

How To Deal With Stress on Moving Day

August 19th, 2015

The dreaded moving day, we have all experienced the woes and hardship of moving to one place to another. It takes a lot for someone to take responsibility organizing a move and it causes a lot of stress! You might of thought that moving was the hardest part but truly it’s keeping a smile throughout the day that is the real challenge. In fact, moving is one of the top ten most stressful events in one’s life, so here are some tips that can help ease your anxiety on moving day.

  • To keep stress to a minimum and have a successful move all in one day is to be have great organization and planning. Even just being prepared to face the inevitable challenges that occur on moving day will help boost your confidence of having a smooth move.
  • Create realistic goals when moving and packing but also take time away from the chaos by eating out or hanging out with friends for a few hours. This will be a much needed respite for you to re-energize mentally and lessen the panic.
  • Do not plan any big social events the day before your move date, this will cause more stress for you.
  • When unpacking, start with the bathroom and then the bedrooms so you have all the essentials already unpacked; all other boxes can wait another day.
  • Make sure your movers and helpers are happy, by giving them refreshments and calling for a break every few hours to chat will keep a friendly atmosphere up. Take the lead to restart the packing and moving because time can escape you!
  • After making the move, make sure you have planned a fun activity in your new community or with your friends and family members that helped out. Starting out with positive experiences will be key to the entire transition whether if it’s with your family or with your friends.
  • Lead by example, if you start feeling stressed, irritated, and short-tempered, your friends or family members will pick up on that and use that as an excuse to do the same.
  • Get a good night’s sleep before moving and unpacking day.

moving boxes

How to Treat Your Movers & Tipping Tips

June 30th, 2015

Professional Movers are considered part of the service trade along the same lines as a Barber or a Waiter. The difference between a Mover and any other service trade is not how one is more labor intensive than the other but how much less room for error there is for movers than the other service positions. If a barber were to give an unsatisfied haircut, the hair can just grow back. If a waiter drops an item of food, it is replaceable, but if a mover were to miss package an item, miss handle furniture, or drag furniture across wooden floors; the ramifications would be more severe and replacing anything would be near impossible. Many people do not consider professional movers as part of the service trade even though people rely so heavily on them to do an adequate job, in which case there is an etiquette on how to treat the movers who are handling your possessions and how much one should tip them. Most times movers are not expecting a time, but as a sign of acknowledging a job well done small acts of kindness and a well calculated tip can ensure that the movers are keeping a positive mind when handling some of your most prized possessions.

  • Appropriate Beverages: Moving large, heavy items can be a strenuous and back breaking job, having water or sports beverages on hand will keep your movers properly hydrated.Purchasing Lunch: Buying the movers food in lieu of a tip is perfectly fine, but keep in mind what the movers might want to eat. Choosing to buy them something like pizza might seem like a good idea, but image how much pizza they have consumed regularly.
  • Tipping: Tipping does not work the same as going to a restaurant. Instead of the percentage of the total bill at a restaurant, the moving total will be based off of the distance the truck is traveling. The general bases for tipping movers is 10 dollars for every 4 hours of work. If the move consists of narrow or winding staircases, heavier than usual furniture, or a long distance between the parking lot to the house then be sure to add a couple of extra dollars.
  • Who to tip: When tipping movers, you should tip each mover individually instead of their foreman. Some foremen might not be inclined to divide the tip evenly or at all.
  • Avoid Inappropriate Beverages: Buying the movers alcoholic beverages after the move is a cliché and most moving companies have rules and restrictions involving drinking on the job. Also giving the movers alcoholic drinks will open the opportunity for other liability issues.

There are fewer people in the service industry that work harder than movers. And moving is already a stressful time for anyone moving into a new location. Using these tips will help ensure a more satisfying move and an overall smoother experience.

Tips for Moving Electronics

April 28th, 2015

TV’s, televisions, video games and other electronic devices are expensive, and we would hate to see them damaged during your big move; so here are some tips that will help you properly pack and transport these devices carefully and successfully!Capture

  1. Follow the manufacturer’s directions for transporting devices; they know better than anyone how to properly protect their devices. If you still have the manual, give that a read through, otherwise check out their website and see if there is a customer support number you could call!
  2. If you held onto the boxes, they would be perfect for packing! But we understand how hard it is to keep boxes, as they cause clutter, just know your devices won’t fit as nicely in packing boxes as they would in their original box!
  3. If you don’t have original boxes, use the following materials to protect your priced electronic devices: sturdy boxing, newspapers to wrap around the device, tape, scissors, and markers to properly label each box.
  4. When you’re disassembling electronics with a lot of codes, be sure to label each cord to where they connect to the device; you should use color coordination, too, that way when you’re unpacking, you can easily reassemble these devices.
  5. Again, check with the manufacturers of your computer, TV and other electronics to see if they should be stored in climate controlled units.
  6. Wrap all electronics with some sort of linen or clean paper to protect them from dust.
  7. Also use tape to seal these boxes to keep dust and other dirt from getting inside your electronics.

These are just a few of the tips we have for packing and transporting electronic devices; for more information or to schedule a free moving estimate, please give Rare Movers a call at  617-825-7273

Moving Day Checklist

April 9th, 2015

Moving is so stressful, which is why Boston Rare Movers does everything they can to ensure a smooth and efficient move for all clients! To make your life just a little bit easier, we composed a Moving Day Checklist to help you stay organized during a very hectic moving day.

Step One:

Organize boxes into two categories: things you want packed and things you do not packed. When we arrive, make sure to tell our moving crew which boxes should be loaded in the truck, and which ones should not. That way any important paperwork or products you need right away won’t be packed in the truck.

Step Two:

Keep the kids entertained! Make sure you have a box or some sort of bag that contains items your kids need/items that will keep them busy during the move. You want to make sure you keep these items close to your kids so that they are entertained during and after the move.

Step Three:

Dump the trash and get rid of flammable items. Get rid of as much trash as possible before the moving day. During the move, trash will start to build up between snacks, lunch time and other miscellaneous things, so see if you can use your neighbor’s trash during moving day.

Flammable items cannot be loaded onto the truck, and should be disposed over before or during moving day. For a complete list of flammable items, please give Rare Movers a call prior to moving day, and we will provide you with products we are unable to transport.

Step Four:

Reserve a parking space for our moving truck at both your old location and your new location. This is an important step, as the distance between the truck and the location of your home will determine how long the move will take. If we are located right outside your front door we will be able to load and unload boxes a lot quicker and more efficiently.

Step Five:

Clear all walkways and stairways. Make sure there is a clear path from your front door to our truck, to avoid any major accidents!! This includes removing floor mats, rugs, plants, low hanging wind chimes, etc.

With these five items checked off during moving day, you will find that your moving day just became a little less stressful! For more useful tips or to schedule a moving day with Rare Movers, please give us a call at 617-825-7273.