Top 5 Tips For Moving This Summer

July 19th, 2019

Well, it’s summertime and the busiest time of the year to move into a new home. With the heat and workload, this can be a hard, stressful task to pull off, but with our list of suggestions, you should be able to move no problem!

Plan Ahead

Summer is the prime time for moving and the busiest time of the year for movers, so plan accordingly! The best moving companies will be booked well in advance, so don’t hesitate to book them early. Give yourself plenty of time to pack and clean your old place as this can be the most time-consuming task when moving. Summer is a time of fun, but moving into a new home may have to take priority over the excitement of the summer. Planning far ahead of your move will make the whole situation a lot less stressful for you and the movers.

Beat the Heat

If possible, it’s best to book your moving company for early in the morning as that’s the coolest time of day in summer. Getting things packed up in the truck while it’s still relatively cool is a great way to beat the heat. Remember to stay hydrated! This seems like a simple instruction, but many people forget or just simply don’t make time to drink some water in between packing and unpacking their moving trucks. If you’re doing any strenuous activity, especially in the heat, wear light clothing so you don’t end up overheating. Heatstroke is a real danger when moving in the summer, so take the precautions and run with them!

Take Care of Your Belongings

Remember, it’s the summer and it’s going to be very hot when you’re moving. Take care of yourself but also all of your belongings when you’re packing. The heat is going to get trapped in the boxes you pack and may result in melting some of the items you’ve packed such as candles or any wax products. Certain things won’t fare well in the high temperatures, so keep that in mind!

Keep Your New Home in Mind

This one is great for getting your mind off of the stresses of moving and onto the excitement of your new adventure ahead! Instead of thinking of how many stairs you’ll be climbing up and down in a day, think about every opportunity for your new home, and maybe even your new home town offers.

The second part to this is to keep in mind what you actually want and will use in your new house. If your previous home was cluttered with things you never used, donate or recycle them! Why keep what you never reach for, right? So keep your new home in mind and think, “will I really need this fourth spatula, or can I live without it?”

Do Thorough Research

Research what moving companies will be right for you to work with. Moving in the summer is stressful enough, so make sure you’re using a company you can trust. Compare different rates, fees, and even insurance options available from each moving company.

Things your Professional Mover Won’t Move

June 19th, 2019
magnifying glass on boxes

Everybody dreads the process of moving and packing, which is why most of us hire professionals to help us. But while you are in the process of packing up all your personal possessions, it is essential to not forget that some items cannot be included in the move. Most moving companies would not transport a number of different items mainly to protect themselves and/or your other possessions. So, before the moving day, be certain that you didn’t include any prohibited items so as not to delay your move. Here are a couple of things most moving companies won’t move:

Perishable Items

Especially when it’s a long-distance move, food items will not be allowed by movers. The main reason is that food will spoil and could attract pests, such as rats, and may damage your property. Although, if a move will be done within 24 hours, perishables MAY be allowed as long as they are properly packed.

Hazardous Chemicals or Materials

Quick rule of thumb: if it looks or smells dangerous, most moving companies will not allow it inside their trucks. Hazardous items are generally considered, explosive, flammable, or corrosive. But don’t worry, so as not too waste these items, you can always contact your city if there is a place you can donate them or dispose of them.

Personal or Sentimental Items

Most moving companies want to limit their liability in case your personal items get lost or damaged, which is why most of them don’t like to transport these items. When it comes to these items, we highly suggest that you have them under your control. Moving can be overwhelming, especially when it involves hundreds of items. Because of this, the risk of losing something is pretty high. Important documents, such as financial records or medical documents, could be difficult to replace.

Dealing With Stress on Moving Day

June 18th, 2019
young couple moving boxes

The dreaded moving day, we have all experienced the woes and hardship of moving to one place to another. It takes a lot for someone to take responsibility organizing a move and it causes a lot of stress! You might of thought that moving was the hardest part but truly it’s keeping a smile throughout the day that is the real challenge. In fact, moving is one of the top ten most stressful events in one’s life, so here are some tips that can help ease your anxiety on moving day.

  • To keep stress to a minimum and have a successful move all in one day is to have great organization and planning. Even just being prepared to face the inevitable challenges that occur on moving day will help boost your confidence in having a smooth move.
  • Create realistic goals when moving and packing but also take time away from the chaos by eating out or hanging out with friends for a few hours. This will be a much-needed respite for you to re-energize mentally and lessen the panic.
  • Do not plan any big social events the day before your move date, this will cause more stress for you.
  • When unpacking, start with the bathroom and then the bedrooms so you have all the essentials already unpacked; all other boxes can wait another day.
  • Make sure your movers and helpers are happy, by giving them refreshments and calling for a break every few hours to chat will keep a friendly atmosphere up. Take the lead to restart the packing and moving because time can escape you!
  • After making the move, make sure you have planned a fun activity in your new community or with your friends and family members that helped out. Starting out with positive experiences will be key to the entire transition whether if it’s with your family or with your friends.
  • Lead by example, if you start feeling stressed, irritated, and short-tempered, your friends or family members will pick up on that and use that as an excuse to do the same.
  • Get a good night’s sleep before moving and unpacking day.

Choosing a Moving Company

May 29th, 2019
collage of moving truck

We know moving is tough, and many of you don’t move enough in your lifetime to make it second nature; we’ve heard horror stories from our clients about previous moving companies, who were either unprofessional, expensive, unreliable, or all three. We are here to help avoid these types of companies, and to select a professional moving company, like Boston Rare Movers!

First off, be sure to pick a moving company four to eight weeks before your moving day; that way you’re not scrambling last minute, and so you can find the cheapest and most reliable company out there. If you wait too long, the good companies will be all booked up. As soon as you have a moving date in mind, start researching moving companies; keep in mind that moving companies are often busy on Fridays and at the end of the month, so plan accordingly!

Then, think of what you need from the moving company; make a quick list of all the things you need help with from the moving company. This list will help us (because let’s face it we’re a very reliable moving company!), offer more accurate quotes because we will know exactly what you need from us, how many crew members we will need, and what supplies we need to provide. Some examples include:

  • Moving Date(s) that work best for you
  • Are you moving Locally, Long Distance or Internationally?
  • Will you need help with Packing, and do you need Packing Supplies?
  • Are you going to Pack Yourself?
  • Are you Moving Valuable or Fragile Items?
  • Do you need Insurance?
  • How much “Stuff” are you Moving?

These are just a few of the things you should have figured out before you even begin to move; if you figure out your move date, and what you need from your moving company, you will find yourself two steps closer to an easier, less stressful moving day!

Boston Rare Movers is an experienced moving company, who offers local, long distance and international moves to customers all over Massachusetts and the country! For a free quote, please give Rare Movers a call at 617-825-7273!

Preparing Your Items for Storage

May 15th, 2019

 Whether you are moving or just trying to reorganize your home, renting a storage unit is a perfect option for those trying to store items. With hundreds of options around the state of Massachusetts, you should be able to find something that it is conveniently located and cost-effective. However, being a limited space and all, renters should plan ahead before tossing everything inside the storage unit. There are numerous ways to prepare your items for storage. Read more about them below.

Decide which items go in the storage

To save money in the long run, carefully decide which items you really need to toss in your storage unit. Obviously, the more items you need to store, the bigger the storage unit you have to rent. If you are no longer using it and is not valuable enough to be kept, consider donating or selling the item instead.

Create an inventory list of items

Moving or reorganizing your home can be a hassle or chaotic. A good idea to make sure that you remember which items are in the storage unit is by creating an inventory list of all the items you plan to store.

Label Your Boxes

Using cardboard boxes for your belongings is always a good choice but do make sure that the boxes are study enough to withstand long term storage. The only downside of using cardboard boxes is that they all look alike on the outside and you cannot really tell what items are inside. Make sure that you put labels on your boxes and list down items that are inside.

Or Use Clear Plastic Bins

Better alternative? Clear plastic bins are great for packing belongings in storage units. This way, you can see what is inside of each container and you don’t have to guess in the future. Taking out items from your storage unit in the future should be easier.

Place Items Inside Strategically

Because storage units have limited spaces, you have to come up with a plan to organize all your belongings in the space. Store items that you are more likely to retrieve in the near distant future in the front of the unit and things that you know you will not be needing for awhile in the back.

Rare Moving and Storage can help you throughout the process. From packing to moving to storing your belongings, Rare Moving is here to help! If you are looking for a company that can help you with all your moving and storing needs, call us now or visit our website to learn more about our services.