Surviving a Winter Move

October 21st, 2019

Moving in the winter is less than ideal, but sometimes it has to be done. There are some extra precautions you’ll need to take to keep your winter move as safe and efficient as possible. If waiting for spring is out of the question, follow these tips to help survive your winter move. 

Leave it to Professionals

Moving in the winter calls for the help of professionals. It may come at an added cost, but it will help keep you and your belongings safe. Call around to multiple movers before hiring anyone. Try to find a moving company with reasonable rates, insurance, and positive customer references. Some movers even offer winter moving discounts since it’s a slow season for them! 

Check the Weather

This probably seems obvious, but make sure to check the weather as moving day approaches. If the weather forecast is calling for a lot of snow or especially bitter cold temperatures, ask the movers if they’re able to reschedule for the following week or even just a different day in the same week. 

Clear the Driveway

You should shovel all driveways, entryways, and sidewalks before movers arrive. Put down a coating of winter salt to prevent ice from accumulating during the move. Keep the driveway clear throughout the move, even if that means taking a break from loading and unloading to shovel for a few minutes. 

Keep Everyone Warm 

Staying warm during a winter move is vital. Keep everyone helping with the move warm by making sure utilities are turned on at the new location a couple of days before moving day and the utilities are still on at the old place. Turn the heat up high at both locations and encourage movers to take a break inside for a few minutes to warm up if they need too. Offering hot coffee or hot chocolate is an extra step that isn’t required, but definitely appreciated! 

Protect the Floors 

Protect your floors from moisture and winter salt by laying down tarps or plastic sheeting. This should be done at the old home and the new home before movers arrive.

Remember to be patient during a winter move. Everybody there will want to get it over with but rushing the process could lead to injury or damaged items. When you’re especially cold and ready for the move the be over, just imagine how worth it will all be when you’re enjoying your new home!

For a reliable moving company to help with your move this winter, contact Rare Moving & Trucking! We provide free estimates for your relocation – so call us at 617-825-7273 or use our contact form to start your moving process!

How to Find A Trusted Moving Company

September 30th, 2019
blurred man moving boxes

When it comes to moving, you make a decision whether to handle the move yourself or to hire professionals to help! You might think that having a DIY move will help you save money but it’s usually better to invest in reliable and professional movers to take care of your fragile or high-value items.  There are many moving companies to choose from in the New England area, however, who do you choose to trust? At Rare Moving & Trucking, we have put together some tips to help you find reliable and quality movers in your area.

Customer Reviews

We live in a day and age where feedback is everything. We love reading and writing our opinions about our personal experiences with company services about everything. That’s why it’s important for businesses to have a lot of positive reviews. It’s helpful for users to see what other people had to say about their moving experience with a particular moving company.


To know that your potential moving company is trustworthy, check to make sure they are BBB-Accredited before making any calls. This accreditation is a great indicator that the moving company has quality service and isn’t getting a large number of complaints from past clients.

Detailed Free Estimate

A good way to evaluate if the moving company is right for you is how they treat you during your moving quote, which should be for free.  If you are not getting timely answers back to your questions or you are getting little to no detailed replies to your requests then they are probably not the right company for you.

For a seamless and reliable moving company for your relocation this summer, contact Rare Moving & Trucking! We are BBB-Accredited and provide free estimates for your move, call us at 617-825-7273 or use our contact form to start your stress-free moving experience!

Award-Winning Moving & Storage in Boston

September 23rd, 2019

A Great Moving Experience is Rare

Rare Moving & Storage offers professional moving services in and around Boston, MA. Our specialty? We provide clients a professional, trouble-free, and seamless moving experience handled with exceptional care. We approach each project in a white-glove, concierge approach which allows us to customize our moving efforts to our clients’ needs and wants. We understand that each client is different, which is why we make sure that there is transparent communication between the clients throughout the process and us.

Our Rare Team

Started by Kamaul Reid back in 2009, Rare Moving & Storage has worked its way up to becoming one of Boston’s industry-leading moving company. Our team is fully licensed, insured, and committed to your complete satisfaction. Our moving professionals will always go the extra mile to deliver a high-quality, satisfying, and comfortable moving experience. We have encountered different challenges from different moves such as moving grand pianos, hoisting sofas or armoires from three stories down, or finishing the job during a humid New England heatwave and, yet, our team has provided complete satisfaction despite these challenges. We offer moving & storage, restoration, junk removal, storage express, and more! If you have any questions, contact us today!

Moving Day Mistakes

August 26th, 2019
man making a mistake

Preparing for a move is stressful enough, don’t add to the stress by making the following mistakes:

  1. Transferring Utilities: Before you move to your new location, be sure to transfer utilities, otherwise you will be without electricity and heat! There’s nothing worse than moving on a Friday, and settling in your new home without lights! We recommend transferring over the utilities a week in advance to your move, just in case!
  2. Nor Signing up for Insurance Policy: It is important to sign up for mover’s insurance, here at Rare Movers, we have a great insurance program. As careful as we are, accidents happen during the move, and if anything is damaged during your move, having an insurance policy will help cover some of the damage. If you don’t sign up for an insurance policy, and something breaks, let’s say your TV, you will be stuck footing the bill! So we recommend investing in our insurance policy!
  3. Procrastination: Waiting until the last minute to start packing is never a good idea! You do not want to be stuck packing and organizing everything the night of the move; it’ll cause way too much stress. You should really start packing little by little a few months in advance to your moving day! Start with seasonal items, and as you get closer to the moving day start packing the more essential, everyday items. Waiting until the last minute to pack boxes will only stress you out even more than you already are!
  4. Unorganized: When packing boxes, take the extra time to sort them and label them based on the room they belong to; example: keep kitchen items together and label the box “Kitchen Supplies”; this way unpacking becomes a lot easier!

Moving is stressful, if you avoid making the above mistakes, your move will go a lot more smoothly! When you choose Boston RARE Movers as your moving company, we will help ensure a smooth and stress-free moving experience!

For more information or for a free moving estimate, please give Boston RARE Movers a call at 617-825-7273.

A Guide to Moving on September 1st: Boston Edition

August 26th, 2019
moving day with boxes

September 1st is the biggest moving day in Boston year after year. There’s a high demand for leases that start on September 1st so if you’re planning a move, you surely aren’t alone. Navigating a move in Boston of this day will take a little more skill than a traditional move. Follow these simple tips to ensure you (and your belongings!) make it to the new location safe and sound.

Plan Early

The earlier you can plan your move for September 1st the better. Since it’s such a popular moving day, moving companies get booked out months before the actual date. If you decide to try and navigate the move yourself, you’ll need to reserve a rental moving truck at least a few weeks in advance. If you are able to find a moving company to take on your move at the last minute, it will come at a high price.

Packing for the Move

Being packed and ready to go on moving day is essential. Have all of your belongings boxed up and ready to be loaded into the moving truck when it arrives. Double-check with the moving company if they’re able to take fragile items such as a flat-screen TV. Minimize the move by decluttering unwanted items as you pack. After all, your new location should be a fresh start!

Get Your Move-In Time

Figure out when you’ll actually be able to move into your new space before you book the movers. Unfortunately, your move-in time may not match up exactly with your move-out time. Once you know what the times for move-in and move-out are, you can move on to the next step.

Reserve Storage

If there’s a day or two in between your move-out and move-in times, you’ll need to reserve storage. Talk with your moving company to find out if they’re able to store your items at their facility. If not, it’s time to find a storage unit.

Plan Parking

Parking in Boston is never fun, especially with a giant moving truck. Visit the new location to determine where the movers will need to park for the unloading process. Speak with the building manager to make sure your moving time won’t conflict with other’s trying to move in or out on the same day.

Moving on September 1st is a challenging experience, to say the least. Having the help of professionals will make it a much smoother and less stressful day. Start calling movers today and get your plans put on the schedule!