What’s The Best Way To Unpack A House?

September 25th, 2020

With packing taking up most of the planning while moving, have you ever thought about the unpacking process? If you packed efficiently and were organized with what went in each box, unpacking your belongings might not take as long as you think. Here are some great tips for unpacking at your new space:

Creating a System to Unpack

Instead of opening random boxes and frantically trying to figure out where things are, make a list of what boxes are a priority and which ones can be saved for another time. If you wrote an inventory list when you packed, take that out and use it for reference. You may want to divide you packing into different rooms so that you know each one is completed.

What is Necessary and What Isn’t?

If it’s September, don’t worry about unpacking any Christmas decorations right off the bat. What are you going to need that day? A lot of the time, it’s bathroom necessities and some clothing options. If you packed some items for that day in a duffel bag or suitcase, maybe start unpacking any kitchen items for cooking or cleaning. Make sure you unpack a good amount of things to last you a few days while you get the rest of your belongings sorted out.

Unpack Your Kitchen First

Once you get the necessities out of their boxes, finish off your kitchen. Chances are, most of your kitchen items are breakable. Getting them out of their boxes quickly will help prevent any damage while unpacking the rest of the house. You’ll feel better knowing that the most essential room in the house is all done and ready before you tackle other spaces. 

Unpack The Bedrooms Next

After your kitchen is ready to go, move on to the bedrooms. If your kitchen takes most of the day, maybe you’ll be stuck sleeping on an air mattress. That’s okay! Start organizing your clothes and set up your bed when you can if your movers brought it in one piece – great! Then you’ll just have to worry about putting sheets and a duvet on it. Maybe you won’t be sleeping on an air mattress after all!

Bathrooms and Furniture

Ensuring your bathroom essentials such as toothbrushes, hairbrushes, and soap are all unpacked once you arrive is essential. But all other bathroom items can wait. Once the kitchen and bedrooms are all set, take your time organizing and cleaning your bathroom. After the bathroom is finished, that’s when you can move onto living room furniture and any other spaces that need some unpacking. 

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How to Be a Good New Neighbor When Moving

August 17th, 2020

People all around America do a lot of moving, and that could mean getting used to a new town, area, or state. Whether you’re moving to a house or apartment, we’ve all heard mixed things about having new neighbors that you don’t know yet. Here are some tips to help you become friendly with your new neighbors:

Introduce Yourself and Your Family

If you can, get out to meet your new neighbors a day or two before your scheduled move-in day. They will appreciate knowing their new neighbors are friendly and respectful of the street or neighborhood. Let them know what day is your moving day so they can expect the trucks, movers, and the moving hustle and bustle. It is a good thing to make them aware beforehand in case of noise or taking up the street.

Exchange Contact Information

Once you are settled in and comfortable in your new home, you’ll have had several opportunities to say “hello” and get a general opinion about your neighbors. If you feel comfortable, give them your phone number, email, or whatever you use to stay in touch. This is the beginning of building trust in a relationship for both sides. When you are out of town, you can feel confident they will contact you if any unforeseen issues arise at your home. It takes time to get to know people, but eventually, if you have a neighbor you trust, could even let them know where the spare key is in case of emergencies.

Have a Housewarming Party

If or when you plan your housewarming party, think about inviting your new neighbors along. Let them get to know you! It’s a great way to create great new friendships and show you are excited to be in the area. You can also be inclusive of the entire neighborhood and recommend a BBQ to meet everyone. This is a great way to learn about the area you moved to and the people who reside there. First impressions go a long way!

Maintain Your Home

Bad neighborhood karma can happen from being the one house on the street that stands out. Once you’ve adjusted to your surroundings, make an attempt to sustain your home’s appearance. Try to keep both your front and backyard free from junk and clutter, make sure the lawn is mowed and shrubs and trees pruned. Remember to be respectful of your neighbor’s space, so make sure any plants or bushes on your side of the fence don’t fall on their property.

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Tips For Packing Your Kid’s Rooms

July 7th, 2020

Are your kids old enough to know how to pack up their room for a move? If they are, definitely take their help into consideration. Keeping your kids involved and busy when packing their room will give you more helping hands to finish packing quickly and efficiently. It can make them feel useful and a part of the move just like their parents are. Having your kids pack their own room and make those decisions on by themselves may leave them feeling better about transitioning their lives elsewhere. This can be a weird and scary situation for them, especially leaving behind a room that they could have spent their whole life in up until now. 

Help Your Kids Declutter Their Rooms

Decluttering a room before packing everything up will make the process easier. Less useless items will make their way to your new home! You’ll keep the moving costs slightly less because of the smaller amount of items you’re transporting with you. Unless your children are young enough to not know what’s going on, you may be better off decluttering their room with them to be more efficient and to avoid possible arguments about items that could possibly have been donated or given away.

Packing Toys And Games

Sort through all the toys and games along with them to figure out which ones will be making the move along with you, and which ones are not. Donate or sell the toys and games that aren’t needed at the new house. If you’re packing any delicate toys, be sure to wrap them in something soft. These toys could include action figures, dolls, or ones with tiny attachable parts. This way they stay secure and safe in the moving trucks. Keep smaller items and accessories in labeled plastic baggies to keep them all organized and place them in a spot you know you can find them when unpacking. Pack games and toys that are on the bigger side in the boxes they came in – if you still have them around. If you don’t, use any cardboard ones around the same size. This way you know they’re secure during moving.

In all, keeping your kids involved while packing their designated space in the house can make your life easier. RARE Moving and Storage can help as well! We offer professional packing services in the Boston area to make your move go smoothly.

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How to Make Your Summer Move Go Smoothly

June 12th, 2020

Moving in the summer is a common thing to do. With the nice weather and no chance of snow getting in the way of getting from point A to point B, this is the prime moving season. If this is your first summer move, here are some tips to make it go a bit easier for you:

Have Your Movers Booked in Advance

The best moving companies in your area are likley to be booked early due to this being one of the peak moving seasons.. Decide which moving company will fulfill your needs and contact them to get on their schedule well in advance.

Plan a Yard Sale

Plan for a nice weekend to get rid of all of your extra belongings in a yard sale. Try to have the yard sale a good amount of before you have to pack up the moving truck since you might end up with some things that you might not want. If you still have items you want to get rid of, consider donating them.

Efficiently Pack Your Belongings

Make sure that all of your belongings are ready to be moved on the actual set moving day. Be sure that furniture is emptied out and packed up except your essentials so the movers can do their job without having to wait while you rush around. Spreading out your packing over a week or more will help you avoid rushing the night before.

Double Check Before You Pack Up the Moving Truck

Since it’s the summer, you may be packing up some belongings that could be damaged in the heat. If you have any items like these, save them until the end to place in the moving truck, or even opt to keep them in your car. Label these items so there isn’t any confusion while bringing boxes out to the moving vehicles..

Stay Hydrated During The Move

Staying hydrated while moving is important. It’s a busy day, so it’s easy to forget to relax for a second an drink some water. Be sure to offer your movers some water, too. If you have air conditioning, try to leave it on while people are still in the house. Don’t let the heat ruin your day!

Plan Around Traffic

The winter calls for weather delays, and in the summer, people are traveling around for weekend getaways. If you want to make your life easier, try to bypass any popular vacation weeks. The end of August is a big vacation time and you want to avoid getting stuck in vacation traffic. If you have to move during a weekend and live in a busy tourist/vacation area, plan to avoid peak traffic times.

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The Best Way To Pack Your Home

May 21st, 2020

Packing your home up before a move is stressful. Here are some tips to make it easier on everyone involved.

Last on the truck, first off the truck

Figure out any items that you’ll need to find quickly or use as soon as you arrive at your new place. Place these items in the truck after everything else so that they’ll be the first things off when you get to your home.

Create an area not for packing

You’ll definitely have some belongings you’d rather take with you in your car than place on the moving truck. These could be anything from photo albums, expensive jewelry, or anything highly breakable. Professional moving companies don’t allow certain items on trucks as well. Pick a room or space in your home to keep these items so that they are not accidentally placed on any of the moving trucks.

Completely Pack Each Room One at a Time

Some items are hard to pack. You might get tired of trying to figure out the best way to do so, but don’t leave this as the last packing task. By getting one room packed before moving on to the next will help you to not forget anything. You’ll be able to see how much you have left by sorting out the packing by room.

Carefully pack dishes

Fragile items are at a high risk for breaking while moving. Try to individually wrap any plates and glassware separately before putting them in a box. You can do this with either packing paper or old t-shirts. Old t-shirts are soft and will prevent the glassware from any damage.

Identifying smaller items

Wrap your smaller belongings in colored tissue paper. This is a good way of keeping things together and not accidentally tossing packing paper in the trash thinking nothing was wrapped in it.

Hire Professionals

Most moving companies have the option of packing services. This way, they will box all of your belongings and move it onto the truck for you. This can save you a lot of time and patience.


Creating an inventory while packing can ensure you are able to find everything once it’s loaded off the truck. Try to create a list of what’s in each labeled box so you won’t forget anything or forget where you put it.

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