How to Make Your Summer Move Go Smoothly

June 12th, 2020

Moving in the summer is a common thing to do. With the nice weather and no chance of snow getting in the way of getting from point A to point B, this is the prime moving season. If this is your first summer move, here are some tips to make it go a bit easier for you:

Book your movers in advance

With summer being the most popular time for moving, the best moving companies are likely to get booked. Decide which moving company will fully suit your needs, and get on their schedule well in advance.

Have a yard sale

On a nice weekend, get rid of all of your extra belongings in a yard sale. Try to have the yard sale a few weeks before you have to pack up the moving truck since you might be left with at least a few things that you might not want. If you still have items you want to get rid of, consider donating them.

Pack Efficiently

Make sure that everything is absolutely ready to go on moving day. That means emptying all of your drawers and packing up everything except your essentials so the movers can do their job without having to wait while you rush around. Spreading out your packing over a week or more will help you avoid the night-before shenanigans.

Double Check Before You Pack Up the Moving Truck

There’s a chance that you’ll be packing some heat-sensitive items for your move. If you are moving long-distance or there is a chance that the truck will sit in the sun for an extended period, think of another way of packing sensitive electronics or things like candles that could melt. You should take them in your car, or if you have to pack them in the moving truck, keep them in the cold house and put them in last, labeling the boxes so you can quickly unpack them first when you get to the new place.

Stay Cool and Hydrated

It can be secure in the bustle of moving to neglect to drink enough water and take breaks to cool off. Make sure to use your air conditioning and cool down the house before the movers come, or at least have one cold room where they can take a break if the weather is hot. Try to keep lots of water accessible for everyone to stay hydrated. Don’t let heat stroke to ruin your moving day!

Plan Around Traffic

In the winter, there are weather delays. In the summer, people are traveling nearby for vacation. Plan your move to bypass any weekends or popular vacation weeks, like the end of August, to avoid getting stuck in vacation traffic. If you certainly must move on a weekend and live in a common vacation area, plan to avoid peak traffic times.

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The Best Way To Pack Your Home

May 21st, 2020

Packing your home up before a move is stressful. Here are some tips to make it easier on everyone involved.

Identify “last on, first off” items

Figure out any items that you’ll need to find easily at your new place. Load them in last when you pack the moving truck, so they’re the first to get unloaded. This will ensure essential items are easy to find when you arrive.

Create a “don’t pack zone”

There will be some items you don’t want to be packed or loaded into the moving truck. Think of things of greater importance or sentimental value like jewelry, family photos, or financial documents. Additionally, professional moving companies prohibit certain moving items that are considered perishable or hazardous. Designate an area (like a specific room) to put things you’ll want to keep with you. Ensure anyone helping you move, whether friends or professional movers, know not to pack or load stuff in that area.

Completely Pack Each Room One at a Time

Some items, such as jewelry, are difficult to pack. It’s tempting to leave those difficult items for later. Resist that urge and move ahead. By getting one room filled before you move on, you’ll avoid leaving only the most annoying things to the last minute. It will make it easier to track your progress and be able to tell how much packing you have left.

Carefully pack dishes

Your most fragile items need some special care when packing. Use extra packing paper or a soft cloth and wrap up each item individually. Stack dishes vertically instead of horizontally. Make sure to pad the top and bottom of the box with towels or cloth. Mark the box as fragile, so your movers know to take extra care of it when transporting.

Identify Small Items with Colored Paper

When you pack small and breakable items, use colored tissue paper to wrap them or put a piece of colored tape on the box. This can help prevent you from accidentally throwing away something little because you think it’s just packing paper.

Hire Professionals

Most moving companies have a full-service option, meaning they will box up all your stuff, so you don’t have to do it on your own. A pro of hiring professional movers is that they can do the job quickly and more efficient since they have the experience. 


As you’re packing, assign each box a number and put a label on it. Write down what’s in each box with the corresponding number. Check off each number as the boxes are loaded into the truck and again when they’re taken off. 

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Common Moving Mistakes to Avoid

May 21st, 2020

Some people move a lot, but if you’re a first-timer, you may need some tips and tricks. RARE Moving wants to make your move go as smoothly as it can.

You DIY your move when you need more help

Using professional movers isn’t cheap, but it’s always worth it to have that help. Doing a move on your own, even if you have friends or family help, will be more time and labor-intensive than hiring people who are professionals. If you have items of significant value, it’s also going to be way riskier. While there are plenty of situations where moving is just fine, it’s a mistake to immediately quash the idea of using a moving company just because you want to save some money or because you think it will easy. Think about and be honest with yourself about what your move will involve and how much willpower you have to do it. A DIY move may be a perfectly acceptable option if you don’t have a ton of items that need to come with you. But if you’ve got a truck’s worth of heavy belongings, do yourself—and your friends—a favor and opt for the pros.

You give yourself too much time

On the flip side of starting too late is the equally damaging mistake of starting too early. Not only does giving yourself too much time unnecessarily prolong the moving process, but it also makes it pretty likely that you’ll pack something you end up needing and then end up having to go through already packed boxes to find it. Plus, who wants to live around moving boxes longer than they have to? Follow the same timeline as described in the previous tip. While it may be tempting to start packing as early as possible, resist the urge and only get going once your move is more imminent.

You don’t get rid of unnecessary items

One of the biggest moving tips is that there’s no better time than during a move to boil down your personal belongings. The less you have to go, the better, plus there’s no use wasting time packing and unpacking the things that you’ll have to get rid of later on. Too often, we get caught up in wanting to make it quick and throw everything into a box instead of doing some organization and getting rid of things. In addition to being a waste of time, bringing along unnecessary items can make your move cost more in labor and fuel. You’ll be better of buying new items for your new space. Leave the old stuff behind!

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Tips for Moving Safely During COVID-19

April 16th, 2020

For some people, moving is inevitable. Whether your lease is up, your home finally got off the market, or you’re a student who now has to move home, many are in the process of packing up and getting ready to go. During this time where you’re going in and out of your own space to move your belongings elsewhere, it is super important to take necessary precautions to keep you and everyone else safe.

Don’t Use Old Packing Supplies

Many people who move always look to friends and family who may have old boxes, or go around and ask grocery stores for ones they don’t need. During COVID-19, this isn’t a smart move. The virus can live on cardboard for up to 24 hours. For this reason, you are better off buying brand new boxes. It may seem like a hassle and annoying to be spending the extra money, but it will keep you safer in the end.

Double-Check Everything

In most areas, moving is considered an “essential” service, such as RARE. If you had contacted a moving company long before many businesses had to shut down, it does not hurt to call and ask if everything is still squared away for your moving day. Ask if they are still in operation, taking specific precautions, and ask them if you need to do anything specific to help this process go smoothly. Even if you assume they are open and still planning on moving you, call just to make sure. You don’t want to get to your moving day and be stuck with no one to help.

Sanitizing Materials

When moving day comes, be sure to provide sanitizing materials to everyone involved in assisting you with moving. Having hand sanitizer or a sink with soap and water is ideal. Also, be sure to wear a face-covering such as a mask. Chances are, the moving team will have their own masks. Help make everyone involved feel safer!

Delay Your Move if You’re Sick

If moving day comes and you are not feeling your best, postpone your move until you are better. You don’t want to risk getting the movers or anyone else involved in your move sick. Make sure when the time does come to move, you sanitize and clean the surfaces of your space before you leave. Whoever is moving in after you should not have to deal with catching your germs.

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What to Know When You’re Moving Across the Country

March 18th, 2020

A cross country move can be a tedious undertaking if it is not carefully planned. There are many moving parts to a long distance move, such as packing up for the move, coordinating the move, booking with a moving company, unpacking and settling into your new place, among other necessary tasks. A long distance move should be well thought out, planned and carried out to achieve success. It’s easy to make a mistake, but fixing it might cause you more trouble than you would like. You want to avoid as much frustration as possible when a cross country move is on your to-do list. Here are some things that you should know when planning a move across the country.

Travel as Light as You Can

If you plan on hiring a moving company for your interstate move, the weight of your possessions will factor greatly into the cost of the move. The more items you pack up in the moving truck, the higher the cost will be for transporting those items. The truth is that cross country moves can cost a pretty penny and saving money where possible is a smart move. Don’t try to pack and load every single item you own into the moving truck. Think about needs and wants and what’s trash. Donate what you can to places like Goodwill that accepts gently used/worm items. Also, make use of online marketplaces and consignment stores to rid yourself of some items and lighten the load a little. Take the opportunity to purge.

Let Family Help

Your cross country move may include your family, which can make an already tough move more difficult. However, don’t be afraid to use family members who have the ability to work to pitch in where needed with the packing. More hands on deck, the quicker you can get things done.  If available, get your spouse and kids to play their part; if you have a particular technique that you are using for packing, be sure to demonstrate to them how to do it before starting. If the kids are old enough, allow them to help pack up their own rooms, starting with non-essentials. The essentials can be packed last.

Book Travel Arrangements in Advance 

The last thing  that you want to do when planning a cross country move is to leave tasks until the last minute. That is the worst thing that you could do that could make your move twice as difficult. Book travel arrangements ahead of time. Start by doing your research and do diligence when looking for a moving company. Plan to schedule your move 1-3 months in advance, along with all the travel details. You want your move to be a success, so plan ahead. 

Get More than One Quote For Moving Companies

Moving companies typically offer competitive rates and as such, you should shop around before making a final decision on a moving company. It’s best to get quotes from roughly three or four moving companies so you can compare prices and choose the best offer. Some moving companies may offer special services, discounts and prices, so be sure to speak to a company representative specifically so you can have your questions answered. 

Ensure Moving Company is Licensed and Insured 

Having a reputable moving company to help you with your move is more important than a cheap rogue mover that cuts corners. Moving scams are nothing new, but there are ways to spot one when you know what red flags to look for. For example, a moving estimate that sounds a little too sweet of a deal may be something to think about. Furthermore, with a cross country move, you should ensure that the moving company that you are interested in is licensed and insured to do interstate/cross country moves. You can find out if a mover is licensed to perform cross country moves by visiting the FMCSA’s database where you can check for their U.S. DOT number. Don’t forget to verify if a moving company insurance before booking with them.

Get Moving Insurance

You should do everything in your power to protect your valuables when moving cross country. It’s important to review the valuation coverage available provided by the moving company. The typical basic protection, that often comes free of charge, doesn’t cover much. It’s perhaps best to get “full value” insurance protection that will make your mover responsible for the cash value of any damaged or lost items during the transportation process. You can also opt for full comprehensive moving insurance coverage, which is often best obtained from a third-party insurance company.

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