Tips For Packing Your Kid’s Rooms

July 7th, 2020

Are your kids old enough to know how to pack up their room for a move? If they are, definitely take their help into consideration. Keeping your kids involved and busy when packing their room will give you more helping hands to finish packing quickly and efficiently. It can make them feel useful and a part of the move just like their parents are. Having your kids pack their own room and make those decisions on by themselves may leave them feeling better about transitioning their lives elsewhere. This can be a weird and scary situation for them, especially leaving behind a room that they could have spent their whole life in up until now. 

Help Your Kids Declutter Their Rooms

Decluttering a room before packing everything up will make the process easier. Less useless items will make their way to your new home! You’ll keep the moving costs slightly less because of the smaller amount of items you’re transporting with you. Unless your children are young enough to not know what’s going on, you may be better off decluttering their room with them to be more efficient and to avoid possible arguments about items that could possibly have been donated or given away.

Packing Toys And Games

Sort through all the toys and games along with them to figure out which ones will be making the move along with you, and which ones are not. Donate or sell the toys and games that aren’t needed at the new house. If you’re packing any delicate toys, be sure to wrap them in something soft. These toys could include action figures, dolls, or ones with tiny attachable parts. This way they stay secure and safe in the moving trucks. Keep smaller items and accessories in labeled plastic baggies to keep them all organized and place them in a spot you know you can find them when unpacking. Pack games and toys that are on the bigger side in the boxes they came in – if you still have them around. If you don’t, use any cardboard ones around the same size. This way you know they’re secure during moving.

In all, keeping your kids involved while packing their designated space in the house can make your life easier. RARE Moving and Storage can help as well! We offer professional packing services in the Boston area to make your move go smoothly.

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