Moved College Student to Allston MA

September 4th, 2014

We just finished moving a Suffolk University student to her apartment in Allston MA; late last month our moving crew moved a student and all of her belongings to a small studio apartment in Allston MA.

Her parents gave us a call in mid June, looking for a moving estimate; their daughter was moving from Concord New Hampshire to finish off her undergrad at Suffolk. During these initial calls, we ask the customer about their belongings; what they are bringing, how much the are bringing, and whether or not they need our packing services.

The mother started to list some of the big ticket items her daughter would be taking to college with her: queen size bed, couch, loveseat, recliner, bureau, desk, night table, dining room table, and a flat screen television, along with boxes filled with clothes, kitchen ware, etc.

Based on this description, we knew how many crew members it would take to efficiently make the move and the size of the truck we had to use. With this knowledge, we were able to give the mother an accurate estimate for what the move would cost.

A few days later, the mother called us, and said that she would like to book a moving day with us. Because she called months in advance, we were able to book a moving day that conceited with her daughter’s college schedule. (Side note, it is important to book a moving day months in advance!)

We drove up to New Hampshire, packed all the big ticket items first (couch, table, bureau, etc), made sure to wrap up the TV with bubble wrap, and loaded up all of the boxes.

Her apartment was on the fifth floor, so we had to lug up everything five flights of stairs, which is something our crew members are used to!

We were able to move this student’s “stuff” pretty quickly and efficiently.

For more information about our moving services, or for a free estimate, please give Rare Movers a call at 617.825.7273. Remember to book your moving day, months in advance!