Moved a Family of 3 to Newton MA

October 17th, 2014

We just finished moving a family of three from the South End of Boston to a neighborhood in Newton MA; this couple just had a baby, and they didn’t want to raise her in the city, so they decided to move to a quiet neighborhood in Newton, which is located just miles down the street from Boston.

The couple called us and asked for an estimate for a move from Boston to Newton; we asked them if they lived in an apartment or home, what the parking was like, how many “big” items were they moving, and if they needed our packing supplies and services.

In response to this the couple said that they would be moving three couches, two big screen televisions, a kitchen table, a dining room table, four chairs, and five stools. They also said that they did not need our packing supplies or services. So based on the amount of belongings they were bringing, and based on the fact that they did not need our packing supplies, we were able to give them an accurate

After we gave them the estimate, they gave us a call back about two days later to schedule a moving day; they told us that they did some research, liked what they read, and also liked the price. So we scheduled a time that worked best for them. After we booked a time, we gave them some of our moving tips, to help them prepare for this adventure!

The moving day arrived, and the couple followed our tips, and had everything packed and ready to go! We carefully grabbed all of their big items first (couches, table, etc.) and loaded them onto the truck. Then, we gathered all of the boxes, and loaded them on the truck as well. We advised the  couple to keep their china and glassware with them in their car, just to be safe.

The street their apartment was on was a little bit narrow, which is what they told us during the initial consultation, so we asked them to reserve a parking spot for our truck as close to their apartment as possible; they did exactly what we asked, and the move went great! We did have to climb some stairs, as they were on the fourth floor, but our athletic and experienced moving crew handled the stairs like the professionals they are!

The move went great,we made great timing, and we arrived to Newton right on schedule. The couple was satisfied with our moving services and said that they would recommend our moving services to friends and family!

For more information about our moving services or for a free estimate, please give Rare Movers a call at 617-825-7273. We are looking forward to providing you with a stress-free moving experience!