Packing Gas Powered Items

November 5th, 2014

These gas powered items are usually very heavy and awkwardly shaped; because of this, it is very difficult to pack these items.

When you’re ready to move, be sure to empty out all harmful liquids, just to be on the safe side! An example of these gas powered items can be anything from lawn mowers, weed whackers and chain saws; just be sure to empty out all gas and oil from these machines before the big move.

Also, purchase protective covers for mowers, whackers and chain saws. This is for the safety of our moving crew, for you, and for your belongings. These covers will cover the blades so that hands won’t be cut during the loading and unloading process, and during the transportation, your belongings won’t be in harms way of those sharp blades.

Any attachment that you can remove, remove right away! Be sure to place them in separate boxes and label them so that you know which machine each part belongs to.

Finally, if you’re packing up BBQ grills and propane tanks, make sure all of the gas is safely dumped out, and be sure to pose the hose thoroughly; make sure all caps and covers are securely screwed on.

For more information about how to pack regular household items, please feel free to give Boston Rare Movers a call at 617-825-7273. We also offer free estimates for all of our local and long distance moves!