How to De-Clutter Before Moving Day

March 11th, 2015

Moving day is stressful enough, having extra junk to worry about during the move will only stress you out more! So prior to the moving day, you should de-clutter and remove extra “stuff” you no longer use or need. This will help save time during the move and it will also save you money.

Make sure to manage your time well; don’t decide to keep or toss something during the moving day! You should already have everything you need packed on moving day! We usually say to plan about two to three weeks ahead of the moving day to decide what you need and what you don’t need.

Start a necessity pile; decide which items you need during the moving day, and have them readily available to use. These items may include: toilet paper, food, box cutter, hammer, nails, etc. You can place these items in a box, and mark in as “Necessity” and keep it near you during the move so that you can dive into and grab what you need right away.

To help de-clutter, you can categorize items in three different ways: Things You Need, Things You Can Toss, and Things You Can Donate. A good rule of thumb is to bring three boxes into each room you’re packing up, and as you pick up items place them in the corresponding box.

When going through things like, clothing especially, ask yourself if you really need this article of clothing; when was the last time you wore it? Was it over a year? If so you probably won’t wear it again, and you could donate it to someone who will. You can do the same for sheets, towels, hand towels and utensils.

Also check the expiration dates of some of the bathroom items; odds are there could be a few items that are way passed their expiration date, and could easily be thrown out!

These are just a few ways to help you de-clutter before your big move! When getting rid of things you no longer need, use your imagination, you’ll be surprised at the amount of ideas you have to get rid of clutter!