Moving with Pets

February 3rd, 2016

Moving is a stressful event for everyone, including your pets! Since animals have great intuition when it comes to changes, pay extra attention to your pets and give them reassurance during your move. Take time to prepare your pet’s move just as you did when you were considering for a professional mover and check out our moving tips below!

If you are flying or moving to another state, make sure to stop by the veterinarian and have a signed health certificate for your pet. Also, make sure you check out the requirements of the import of animals of the state you are trying to move to. By taking your pets to a veterinarian before your move, you and your pet will be prepared for any regional health risks that might require vaccinations like heartworms in areas that have a lot of mosquitos. In addition, it’s best for your pet to get an identification chip implanted if you plan on flying since most airlines require your pets to have one. Your veterinarian will also be able to provide you with a copy of your pet’s latest health records that you can keep for your move.

When moving it’s important that if your pets are traveling with you, your pets should have a travel identification tag just in case they might get lost any time during your move. Pets like cats, can be sensitive to moves, they might get scared or be confused and may try to run so having information like your name, address, your pet’s name, your phone number on the tag will be helpful if they ever get lost and are found by someone else.

Pack your pet’s necessities separately from your personal belongings so you can keep your moving boxes organized. Lastly, Pack extra food for your pet when moving to your new spot, just in case you can’t find it at your new location easily.

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