12 Things We Bet You Didn’t Know You Could Recycle!

October 18th, 2016


While packing up for your move, you might find yourself with a bunch of stuff that you might not want to take with you. Before you just throw away all of the things you don’t need, consider recycling them! Too much junk gets thrown into landfills where they sit for years and years. Why not do something good for the environment and turn your unused items into something useful? Read on to find out some surprising items you may not have thought could be recycled!

Running Shoes – If you still keep your old running shoes, they can be donated to someone in need or sent to recycling to create athletic courts and flooring for playgrounds.

Batteries – Old batteries can be used to create reinforcement steel bars for the masonry industry or broken down and sold to steel mills.

Glasses – The glass from your old glasses can be ground down to create new lenses! You can also just donate your unused pairs to someone in need or to a secondhand store.

Wine Corks – Wine Corks can be made into many things you didn’t know about such as sports equipment, floor tiles, insulation, & auto parts.

Crayons – Just because they might be broken or too small doesn’t mean they have no use! Old crayons can be melted down to form new crayons.

Keys – Old and broken keys can be sold as scrap metal.

VHS Tapes – With modern technology, many people have been left with VHS tape collections that sit in storage over for years. When recycled, VHS tapes can be made into packaging for various products.

CD’s – Along with VHS tapes, many people still have large collections of compact discs lying around. Recycled CD’s can be made into automotive materials, building materials, and even pavement!

Greeting Cards – Organizations like St. Jude’s Ranch for Children take in new and old greeting cards to be recycled into new ones. The recycled cards are then sold to support abused, neglected and homeless children, young adults and families.

Motor Vehicles – If you have any old vehicles such as a car, jet ski, boat, motorcycle, they can either be sold for scrap metal or donated to an organization such as Kars 4 Kids and Helping Hands of America.

Tennis Balls – There are companies who specialize in restoring old tennis balls back to new again. If they are torn up, they can be broken down and made into new balls too.

Credit Cards – along with ID’s and Hotel Room Keys, are often times made from PVC and can melted down to create new cards.

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