Moving from an Apartment to a House

April 17th, 2020

Congrats! Moving from an apartment to your own home is an exciting experience for everyone involved. Having space to yourself, and usually MORE space, is a big step in anyone’s life. What you have in your apartment may not be needed in your new home, so before moving, you should be aware of what you are packing and what you may need once you’re settled in.¬†Moving from apartment to apartment is different than from an apartment to a home.

Thoroughly Go Through Each Room

Before you begin to pack up any of your belongings, take a walk through your apartment to see what furniture and pieces you have. Chances are, you’re going to have more than one living area space to furnish once you’re moved in. Plan where you’ll put furniture, wall hangings, and other decorative pieces in the new house. If you want to start completely fresh, that’s fine. Many people sell or donate their furniture that they know won’t be used once moved. 

Sort Through Shared Items

If you have been living in the apartment with a roommate or two, be sure to check with them on items you plan on taking or getting rid of. A lot of the time, homeware items such as coffee makers, utensils, and glassware are bought and split between roommates. Other belongings can get mixed up in each other’s stuff. Make sure you are taking what is yours, so no one comes looking for their special flower vase that they can’t live without!

Pack According to Rooms

When packing up your belongings, sort them into boxes based on where they will go in the new house. Take a house tour in your head and try to picture where you want certain furniture and home accessories. Items you had in a specific room in the apartment space may be going to a completely different type of room in your home. This is also a good time to get rid of smaller items you know you won’t need or use once you move. If you have roommates currently, try to offer them kitchenware and other universally used items if they aren’t needed for you.

Let Your Moving Services Know

Giving your moving team the address to your new place and letting them know it’s a house rather than another apartment is a nice heads up. This way, they’ll know the right way to move your belongings and prepare them for any materials they may need in the process and take different precautions. Some movers may already be aware based on the address, but it can’t hurt to let them know.

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